Bibles for China

Nov 14, 2002 03:00 AM EST

The political pressure on God's Underground Church in China is grave and intensifying. The Gospel of Jesus Christ continues to spread like brushfires all over China, but the Church of Jesus Christ is under attack. Many of the top leaders of the underground church movement have been arrested and face years of imprisonment.

The Chinese government officially recognizes more than 60 million Christians, but it is estimated that there are more than 100 million Christians in China, many of them meeting in house churches.

While it is true that many Christians have a Bible, it is estimated that there are still over 50 million Chinese Christians that don't have a copy of God's Word.

The only Bible a number of Christians possess is what they can copy. Some may have a few pages. Some may actually have a book of the Bible. But most do not have a complete copy of God's Word.

World Help is committed to seeing 1 Million Bibles printed for the Chinese Christians. The organization cannot disclose the details of the printing of these Bibles, because to do so would place them in further jeopardy.

The Bibles will be printed in China by several different printers throughout the country, in quantities of 20,000, to thwart unnecessary suspicions.

Contacts in China can print and distribute a complete Chinese translation of the Bible for only $5.

For a free copy of our China video and booklet call 1-800-541-6691.

To find out how you can help provide the believers in China with God's Word, visit our Support Page.

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By Albert H. Lee