Taiwan Church Helps Aboriginals Survive the Winter Cold

Dec 19, 2002 12:30 PM EST

Ren-hsiung Presbyterian Church in Kaohsiung County took on a project during the cold winter to give support for the poor economy of aboriginal villages. Rev. Wang Kun-Yi said that two types of winters, “climate and economic,” are now bearing down the mountain villages. Although have his own difficulties for the winter, Rev. Wang personally tend to an aboriginal pastor who came to him for clothing for his people.

Rev. Wang reported that even though the weather was not colder than average, the agricultural production for this year in the mountain had been low, therefore the income and the market for the mountain villages had collapsed.

Currently, Ren-hsiung church has been recycling clothes for two years. During the “Marriage Day Festival” that was held last month, a clothes drive was put together and in matter of no time a large shipment of clothes was assembled. Even though the church only has about 40 members, yet they have true concern for the needy. The shipment of clothes was sent out on December 16 and will be given to the Lepa Presbyterian Church, a Tayal Aborigine Congregation. The towns Lepa and Ren Ai underwent heavy damages during the earthquake on September of 1999.

By Tony C.