Seminar Held in Taiwan on Human Rights Education

Dec 19, 2002 12:31 PM EST

"Only those residing in Taiwan can develop a suitable model for human rights education here." Nancy Flowers, the director of Amnesty International’s Human Rights Education Project, said on her recent seminar on the Human Rights City in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. She noted that each nation’s government and educational authorities must develop their own style of operating to fit local context, that there is no standard model for this project. Shulamith Koening, the secretary of the American Peoples Human Rights Education Association spoke on "Organizing an NGO according to United Nations' Standards" and "Promoting Human Rights Education in a Human Rights City" during the event as well.

Tsai Ming-Tian, advisor to Taiwan’s Presidential Human Rights Commission, said that the nation’s Non-Governmental Organizations are welcome to participate in forums around the world, yet they cannot represent the position of the government. Tsai suggested that NGO’s from Taiwan can participate as applicants in official United Nations activities.

The seminar further discussed and promoted the topics of school safety, school human rights policy, and a method for schools to measure their own human rights conditions.

By Tony C.