Interview with Missy Robertson: How Faith Triumphed over Controversy, Daughter Mia’s Cleft Lip and Palate

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Missy Robertons' Family
Missy Robertson and her whole family. (Courtesy of Missy Robertson)

Missy Robertson recently shared more about how the Robertson family's faith helped to carry them through the national controversy which erupted over Phil Robertson's comments to GQ Magazine, and how she and Jase have dealt with the heartache and hardships of their daughter's journey with a cleft palate.

Missy and Jase Robertson are grounded in their faith. They have three children - Reed, Cole, and Mia, who occasionally make appearances on A&E's "Duck Dynasty." The tightly-knit Robertson family has striven to remain faithful to God while being in the limelight, and their Christian values have upheld them over several years of record-breaking television popularity. "I see God's hand in my whole life, especially with all of the stuff that's happened with 'Duck Dynasty,'" Missy told Fox411, likely referring to the controversy over patriarch Phil Robertson's remarks in December.

The Robertson family is sober-minded about being good role-models, especially since their Christian faith has been thrown into the limelight. They desire to turn the attention to the One Who saved them, says Missy - "It's about turning that spotlight upwards toward Him."

Duck Dynasty Wives
The women of Duck Commander Korie (r-1), Missy (r-2), Miss Kay (r-3), Jessica (l-2) and Lisa Robertson (l-1) appeared on Fox and Friends with host Elisabeth Hasselbeck (l-3) in New York City on April 1, 2014. (FoxandFriends/Twitter)

The Robertsons hope that they can demonstrate Christian values of "living right and treating people with respect and kindness, even if it means you have to sacrifice something of yourself," to their fans. Missy also hopes that the way that the family responded to the backlash from supporters of the LGBT community in December has encouraged Christians to take a stand for their faith; "It's OK to stand up for what's right, even if it's not politically correct," she says.

The family was not shaken in the midst of immense pressure to recant their beliefs because of what Christ has done for them, Missy says. "Our faith is not something we just say out loud, or a platform we created - it's something we have deep in our bones because of what Jesus Christ did for us on that cross. There is no way we can ever repay Him for that," she says.

Missy also touched on her family's view of marriage and of parenting. She and Jase seem to have a happy, faithful marriage, and their children are being raised in the Lord. Though many families may tend to put their children before anything else, Jase and Missy believe it is important to demonstrate to their children that a happy marriage is a key component to holding the family together. "The best thing you can do for your children is love their daddy," says Missy - "I made that a goal ... for my children to see that I loved him more than anything."

Missy - along with her mother-in-law Miss Kay Robertson and sisters-in-law Korie, Jessica, and Lisa - released "The Women of Duck Commander" today, a book which delves into each woman's journey as wife to a Robertson man.

Duck Dynasty Mia Robertson Inspires Mia Moo Fund, Cleft Lip and Palate Foundation

Exclusive Interview: Duck Dynasty's Missy Robertson Talks Christian Faith, Marriage, Parenting, and Mia Moo Fund 

The Season Five finale of "Duck Dynasty" highlighted Missy and Jase's daughter, Mia, and her journey with a cleft palate - a condition which has been difficult for the young girl to grow up with, and which has sometimes been challenging for Missy and Jase to parent through. "There are times when it is very stressful ... there's different stages that the child has to go through," she says, lamenting that Mia will often have to change a certain behavior after a surgery, which is hard for small children to do. "I have a few days where I'm kind of down about it ... but then because of our faith, because of the support of our family, and because of Mia's optimistic attitude and resolve, we just kind of get through the first few days and it becomes a new normal," Missy says.

Mia and her father Jase Robertson (Photo:
Mia and her father Jase Robertson (Photo:

Mia seems to be handling her condition quite well. In the finale, she quoted Psalm 46 - "Be still and know that I am God" (English Standard Version, Psalm 46:10a), which God has used to help her cope with her condition. "I like this verse because whenever I am sad or have struggles, I know that God is bigger than all of that, and He is bigger than any of your struggles, too," the ten-year-old girl says.

What helps Missy and Jase the most is knowing that their loving God is in control - "Knowing there's a God up there in heaven that loves my child more than I do," Missy says.