'Ex-Gay' Author Wants Homosexuals to Know God Can Deliver Them From Gay Lifestyle

( [email protected] ) May 09, 2014 07:33 PM EDT
Mya Huff, an ex-lesbian, has released a new book titled "Homosexuality: Dispel the Myth, Mend the Broken Pieces" which seeks to encourage those struggling with homosexuality that God is strong enough to heal and deliver them.
Ex-gay author Mya Huff wants to encourage those struggling with homosexuality that God is strong enough to deliver them www.myahuff.org

Ex-lesbian author Mya Huff wants those struggling with homosexuality to know that God is powerful enough to free them from bondage.

In a new book titled Homosexuality: Dispel the Myth, Mend the Broken Pieces, Huff reveals her deliverance from a gay lifestyle and seeks to encourage those confused and broken hearted through the gospel.

"If God is able to do what cannot be fathomed by men, why can't a person be free from homosexuality? That individual is only asking for what their minds are able to process," Huff told GCM. "God can do so much more than setting an individual free. Deliverance is not a challenge to God, by any means. To suggest something is impossible for God challenges who God says He is."

The Washington, DC native was raised in a Christian home surrounded by a supportive, loving family. However, after experiencing heartbreak, Huff succumbed to a "dangerous" lifestyle of homosexuality, questioning her self-worth and identity.

"The first thing Satan tried to distort within humanity was our identity," Huff reveals. "Understanding our identity dictates the perception we have of ourselves and God."

Yet, through the grace of God, which she calls "spiritual rehab," Huff was convicted and freed from her gay lifestyle. Her experiences have given her compassion for others struggling in the same way.  

"This book is for... broken individuals, broken families, addictions, and those who have been suffering for years with heartbreak. When you see someone struggling with any type of destructive lifestyle, it can be a sign of brokenness. [My ] book [is] about encouragement, redemption and hope. No one needs to feel condemned. Truth sometimes manifests conviction. Conviction is not condemnation; it is grace."

Huff, who has a degree from Bowie State University, understands her book is being released at a time when recovering from homosexuality is viewed as both dangerous and impossible. This belief, however, places limits on the power of God.  "What the world calls a cure, we call deliverance," she said. "To suggest what God can't do should raise red flags to the masses, but people are falling for it. You never allow anyone to tell you what God can't do. Is He not more than able?"

Huff believes the Church is responsible for spreading the truth despite societal opposition.

"We have stopped preaching holiness, because it "hurts" people's feelings. In some ways we opened the door," she stated. "Society has taken something God as denounced and deemed that it no longer needs to be covered by the Blood of Jesus. Thereby saying there is no longer a need for repentance."

However, the author urges Christians to respond to those struggling with homosexuality with love instead of condemnation.

"The job of the church is to walk in love, never counting anyone out," she said. "We must all have the understanding that having the love of God is not the absence of accountability."