250 Christian women visit Israel for Pentecost

Jun 06, 2003 02:17 PM EDT

A group of 250 women from the United States just arrived in Israel on June 4 for the Pentecost, Haaretz reported on 5.

The group is called Aglow, the largest international pro-Israel Christian organization, which represents 15 million believers from 151 countries and manages 3,500 groups called Lighthouses, and about 1,400 groups in the U.S.

During its 9 day visit, Jane Hansen and Ron Wexler, the president of Aglow and the delegation will visit various holy sites and express support for Israel. Also they will receive cards signed by Tourism Minister Benny Elon, who calls them 'goodwill ambassadors' of Israel.

The Pentecost is a Christian feast which commemorates the inception of apostles' works of preaching the gospel 50 days after the resurrection of Christ.

The sources of Tourism Ministry concluded that the increase in number of tourists since the war in Iraq has ceased. Also the recent demand for package tours is increasing, travel agents reported.

By Young Sun Lee
[email protected]