Christmas Gifts as a Convoy of the Gospel Spirit

The Slavic Gospel Association prepares for the “Immanuel’s Child” program across Russia
( [email protected] ) Nov 14, 2003 11:32 AM EST

Russia -- The Slavic Gospel Association prepares for the holidays with gifts for children across Russia. The “Immanuel’s Child” program, now in its second year, seeks to utilize the holiday season as a convoy for the gospel.

"Last year when we did it over 10,000 unreached children heard the Gospel for the first time. And also, roughly 7,000 family members heard as well. Many of these families now have been followed up throughout the year and many of these children have come to a saving faith in Christ,” said SGA’s Michael Johnson.

"For $25 you can provide a wrapped gift, humanitarian aid, a Children's Bible, hygiene items, plus discipleship materials and a child who has never heard the Gospel before will receive those items at Christmas time,” Johnson added.

According to Johnson, less than 10 percent of the small towns and villages peppered across Russia have churches to worship in. Therefore, the Immanuel’s Child program acts as a beacon of hope for those in need of the gospel.

"It lifts the local churches up as lights for the Gospel in their community. It allows them to meet their physical needs, but more importantly the spiritual needs and it truly does provide a sense of relovency for churches in these communities.

Johnson aims to surpass last year’s goal. "Last year we reached 10,000 and we'd love to double that this year."