NFL Trade Rumors: Michael Roos Could Help in Kansas City, Buffalo

( [email protected] ) Jul 17, 2014 01:13 PM EDT
An Offensive Lineman can be a hotter commodity than a star Running Back or Wide Receiver for the right team.
Roos has only missed one start in the last 9 NFL seasons. Fox Sports

Everyone knows the glamour positions in football get the most acclaim and attention, but the workhorses in the trenches are also much needed by every team in the League. ESPN's John Clayton believes the Tennessee Titans could put lineman Michael Roos on the market as trade bait after drafting Taylor Lewan and signing Michael Oher for $20 million.

Clayton points out that Tennessee can't really slide Roos inside either, as Andy Levitre and 2013 draft pick Chance Warmack are holding down the guard position, so they might not really have another option for Roos at this point.

Roos is 31, and still is a very strong player, and has said he wants to get at least 3 more years in, and he feels healthy and like he is a better player now that he has more experience. It's doubtful he is going to end up with a starting role in Tennessee, but he could on some teams, no doubt.

Roos' deal this year will count $6.25 million against Tennessee's cap, but he has been a solid player and worth the money so far. The changes the Titan's made are a sign the team isn't satisfied though, so they would probably like to free up that space now that they have added Oher and Lewan.

Look for teams like the Buffalo Bills or Kansas City Chiefs to be interested.

The Chiefs lost three of their starters from last year already this offseason, so they are in regroup mode and might jump on a chance at a player of Roos's caliber, as their current starter Eric Fisher has also been hampered by a shoulder injury.

The Bill's Cordy Glenn is getting it done, but they could be interested in adding depth at the position.

Roos has only missed one start since 2005, and is considered one of the top ten left tackles in the league.