'Once Upon a Time' Season 4 Spoilers on Frozen Character: Prince Hans Joins the Cast

( [email protected] ) Jul 30, 2014 12:16 AM EDT
Season 4 of 'Once Upon a Time' will add one more character from 'Frozen' -- Prince Hans.

Season 4 of 'Once Upon a Time' will add one more character from 'Frozen' -- Prince Hans.

Last Tuesday, TV Line claimed that Hans will be appearing in the season's third episode as Princess Anna's would-be suitor. The report did not name the actor who will play the character.

In the Disney film, Hans is the young prince from the Kingdom of the Southern Isles. He seems genuinely in love with Anna at first, but it is later revealed that he is more interested the Arendelle throne. Hans sees Anna as merely a stepping stone to fulfilling his ambitions.

There is a strong possibility that 'Once Upon a Time' will stay true to the original plot from 'Frozen', even though the show has taken liberties with redefining original fairytale characters. For instance, Peter Pan was the main villain in the first half of Season 3.

"We would never want to re-do the movie [Frozen]," Horowitz said in an EW interview last week. "We want it to walk that line of being part of the 'Once Upon a Time' universe, but also feel like part of the 'Frozen' world."

ABC has already chosen three characters from the successful animated-feature. The characters that include Queen Elsa (Georgina Hail), Princess Anna (Elizabeth Lail), and Kristoff (Michael Foster) will be regulars on 'Once Upon a Time'.

Sadly, the film's lovable snowman Olaf will not be appearing in the upcoming new season.

"It [Olaf] wouldn't fit," explained Horowitz, in the same report. "The story we want to tell doesn't involve trying to expand upon that, nor do we think it should."

Earlier this week, Georgina Hail was spotted on the film set wearing Elsa's iconic sparkling blue dress. She also wore her blonde hair in a long braid, just like the Disney character. At this time, Season 4 filming continues.

'Once Upon a Time' Season 4 will be premiere on ABC on Sunday, Sept. 28 at 8pm ET.