NFL Trade Rumors: Buffalo Bills' RB CJ Spiller Could Take Talents to Tennessee Titans

( [email protected] ) Aug 12, 2014 12:11 PM EDT
The Buffalo Bills added running backs this offseason, so it seems talented CJ Spiller may soon be on the move.
Spiller wants to keep the Buffalo running attack going. AP

In business, you want to sell when something is at it's peak, right before it starts to deteriorate in value.  That may be why the Buffalo Bills are entertaining offers for C.J. Spiller, 27, the running back many believe is the best one on their roster.  

Spiller and Fred Jackson gave the Bills one of the most potent rushing threats last season, and now the Bills have added two more backs that have a great deal of potential.   Buffalo has added Bryce Brown and Anthony Dixon which has led to some speculation that Buffalo may try to trade a running back before the regular season, since many teams are in need right now, and they could get some valuable pieces in return.  

Jackson signed an extension with the team last month, but Spiller is entering the last year of his contract, and the Bills have not made any moves to offer him anything new. Spiller has said he is aware of the trade rumors about him, but he is not trying to let it interfere with his preparation for the upcoming season.

"I have friends and family members that inform me on some of the things that are being said with the trade rumors," Spiller recently said, according to The Buffalo News. "I'm not oblivious to that stuff. I'm not living on Mars or anything. I can't control what happens. My response to them is 'don't worry about it.'

"Once you start worrying about that type of stuff, you get off focus of what you're trying to do. Until anything happens, I'm excited to be with the Bills and hopefully I'll be around for this coming season."

The next contract Spiller signs will be the second of his career; the contract that most players make the most money in their career. He was drafted ninth overall in 2010, and had an outstanding season in 2012 which should make his stock go up.  However, due to injuries and other issues beyond his control, he has also struggled some for the Bills. He suffered a high ankle sprain in 2013 that limited his production and dropped his yards per carry from near 6 to just over 4.  The injury is now fully healed though, and Spiller is ready to go this season.  

The first step for Spiller to get a new contract is to hire an agent, something he still has not done.   

The best opportunities for Spiller might be in Tennessee or Atlanta, but the price teams are willing to pay for a solid back has dropped significantly in recent years. The Titans plan to lean on Shonn Greene who never fully recovered from a knee injury last season.