Elementary Season 3 Spoilers and Release Date: Latest News Ahead of Fall Premiere

( [email protected] ) Sep 15, 2014 01:30 AM EDT
CBS' Elementary Season 3 will kick off with more cases, as Sherlock Holmes makes his imminent return to New York City.

CBS' Elementary Season 3 will kick off with more mayhem, as Sherlock Holmes reunites with old friends in New York City.

The show starts off a year after events in the second season, when Sherlock (Johnny Lee Miller) accepts an offer to work for the British MI6 spy agency. It was implied during the finale that he was returning to his native-England. When he revisits U.S. shores, Sherlock finds himself busy again - this time with a mystery of double murders linked to a map.

Elementary Season 3 will premiere on Thursday, Oct. 30 at 10/9c on CBS.

Saving a Lady in Distress

In his line of work, Sherlock often finds himself coming to the aid of distressed individuals. Even so, the protagonist often rubs people the wrong way with his bluntness and unorthodox investigative procedures. Hence, Sherlock's more personable partner Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) serves as his foil.

According to E! News, the next case revolves around New York City heiress Margaret Bray (Mamie Gummer) who possesses a strange map that belongs to her family. The heiress finds herself in grave danger after two people die because of the map. As such, Sherlock and Watson race against time to save Margaret's life.

Watson Has a New Boyfriend

Meanwhile, Joan has a new boyfriend named Andrew (Raza Jaffrey) who does not particularly enjoy seeing Sherlock. This information first broke out on TV Line back in July.

During the second season, Watson had an ill-fated romance with Sherlock's brother Mycroft. The relationship ends badly, after Mycroft goes into hiding. Reeling from the breakup, Joan decides to move out of Brownstone. Previously, Watson and Sherlock were living together - albeit, in a very platonic relationship.

Joan's departure as well as other traumatic happenings send Sherlock into yet another downward, emotional spiral. This is made evident, when the detective hides a small packet of heroin in his pocket. It is unclear if Sherlock will succumb to his prior heroin addiction, which has been greatly explored throughout the series.