'Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Compares Political Correctness and Biblical Correctness in Latest Sermon

( [email protected] ) Sep 16, 2014 12:30 AM EDT
Duck Dynasty Patrick Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson (Karolina Wojasik/A&E)

Phil Robertson spoke at White's Ferry Road Church last Sunday, and started by saying he has never heard a politician say, "I love God, and I love you."

"Why wouldn't they say that," he ask the congregation gathered to hear him speak. "We take care of them!"

"It's our money funding all of it, I would just hope they love us," as he speaks, he calls on the audience to consider the fact that politicians don't speak of loving people, or God for that matter.  

"I'm beginning to think they don't love God, and they don't love us," he continues.

He points out that the world is covered in sin. He makes a case that America has lost her way and has become very sinful.

"Is there anyone in here who has not sinned," he ask. "Are you all sinners?"

And of course everyone in the room says they are.  

He defines sin, and explains that we all know what it is, whether you are in the Bible or not.

"We all know," he said.

He points to God's way as the safe and best way, but shows how America has traded that in for political correctness.

"Political correctness is this according to Webster's dictionary: Conforming to what is regarded as orthodox liberal opinion on matters of sexuality, race etc. Usually used disparagingly to connote dogmatism, extreme sensitivity to minority causes, so if you read the definition according to the Webster's dictionary, it's not real favorable," he said.

He talks about sex between a man and a woman in marriage as being the only safe way.

"You are not going to get ever, a sexually transmitted disease," he said.

He talks about orthodox liberal opinion as being at the center of political correctness, and keys on that as the downfall, and leading them away from the Bible.  

"Its bringing people down all over," he said.  

About race he says he can only find reference to a foot race in the Bible, and says that God does not see race the way we see it.  

We were all created in God's image," he said. "God doesn't show favoritism."

"They say on the street I'm a homophobe and a racist, what do yall think?"

He points out that when he held similar views to the world, no one had a problem with him, but when he found Christ he found that worldly people began to have issue with him.

He said he was trapped in the same lies he sees all around him now until he was 28.

He points out that no amount of political correctness can save a person, and that we are all heading for same fate.

He points out that only Jesus can truly save the lost.

"You are going to a hole in a ground.  You have a tombstone with your name on it, " he said.

He said no matter what you do, you are going 6 feet deep.

So what do you want to do, follow the politically correct crowd to your death to your grave to you burial," he ask. "They are not going to help you with your sin."

"Im just saying, as far is your life is concerned, you put your faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus," he said.