Missions in China face Difficulty with North Korean Defectors

China's political planning thwarts growth of missionary work
( [email protected] ) Nov 24, 2003 01:00 PM EST

Open Door Missionary Organization spoke "the recent international political proposal to send North Koreans back to their own country negatively affects the North Korean defectors. After defectors invaded Spanish Embassy last March, the goverment of China has decided to send North Korean defectors back."

The People's Liberation Army remain vigilant of North Korean movements at the border between China and North Korea. The army defend the border from the Yalu River to Duman River and from the Un Nam temple to Indo-china.

North Korea is punishing defectors severely, and it's been hard to preach gospel to them. Missionaries come to China to save one spirit and to improve the missions in the land; not to help him or her escape from North Korea.

Usually, North Koreans flee the country to feed their family. The congregation for the missionary work said "Owing to the scarcity of food in North Korea, many old and feeble people die and many families are saparated to earn money. Even young children think only to feed their families all the time. Now in China, North Korean kids earn money in Sue market for 10 ~ 15 years and return to North Korea once a year.

The congregation for evangelical mission can allow and host North Korean defectors as refugees by a law for the destitute. The countries which adhere to the law are responsible to protect and to be congenial to the destitute. But it appears that the government of China denies housing for the refugees and coerce over ten to twenty thousand defectors to return to North Korea.

Compared to the old times, the churches have garnered an unprecedented freedom but 80 thousand churches are yet to be registered to the government. If any churches include family churches without government clearance, the goverment cosiders them as heretics and persecutes them.

In the long-run, China continues to allow missionary work in the nation and the government helps to deal with heresy.