Tension in Kashmir Valley as Terrorists strike Christian Missionary School

The Police said the militants attacked a Christian missionary school at Pulwama with a grenade...
( [email protected] ) Nov 26, 2003 09:48 AM EST

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India., Nov. 26 - Militants attacked a Christian missionary school at Pulwama in south Kashmir injuring three of its employees and a policeman. In another incident 10 persons including a BSF officer were injured in an IED explosion outside the Kashmir University campus here this morning.

Elsewhere, eight persons, including a security personnel were killed in other militancy-related incidents since last evening, while three people were injured in a blast at the park near Hazratbal shrine.

Police said the militants attacked a Christian missionary school at Pulwama with a grenade, which exploded in the compound. The students had a narrow escape as they were sitting in their classrooms at the time of explosion. However, three employees sustained splinter injuries. A policeman was also injured in the incident. No militant organisation has claimed responsibility for the attack.

A powerful IED explosion occurred outside the Kashmir University here this morning. The blast was triggered by militants of Hizbul Mujahideen when a BSF vehicle was passing by. The vehicle was damaged and a senior officer along with four soldiers was injured. Two children and a woman also sustained injuries.

Inspector General of Police, Kashmir range, K Rajendra Kumar said that the militants had planted an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in an auto rickshaw and when the BSF vehicle was passing by the rickshaw, the explosion was triggered off.

Meanwhile, a 12-day long operation to flush out the militants from the vast forest belt in Rafiabad area in north Kashmir has ended after the troops destroyed their bases and smashed their hideouts. At least one jawan was killed and 10 soldiers including a Major were injured in one of the longest anti-insurgency operations.

Defence sources said, the operation was launched in Dogerpora and Hatchenaar forests in Rafiabad after reports of strong presence of militants, mostly foreigners, in the area.

Around 10 jawans, including Major Vijay Dhobay were injured in the exchange of fire with the militants. The army met fierce resistance in the area because of the thick forest cover but succeeded in pushing back the militants. A defence spokesman said the forces busted a number of hideouts, which were being used for stockpiling food and clothing for the militant.

However, no casualties were reported. The prolonged operation caused scare among the locals, forcing a number of them to migrate to safer areas. This was the first major army operation in Kashmir valley after the onset of winter.