Nexus 9 Release Date: Will Google Launch it on October 15 Event?

( [email protected] ) Oct 09, 2014 07:37 PM EDT
HTC Nexus

If you're confused by the numerical system that Google uses for its Nexus brand of devices, let us make it a little more complicated with the rumor of the new Nexus 9.

The Nexus 9, codenamed Volantis, is a tablet that aims to fill the gap between the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10. It is rumored to be manufactured by HTC, according to some court documents released during Nvidia's lawsuit against Qualcomm and Samsung.

The documents not only outed HTC as the producer of the tablet, but are also the main source that targets the device's launch for the third quarter of 2014. Many believed that the official release date announcement may have been coming to HTC's media event on October 8th, but it didn't happen. This only leads to Google's event on October 15. This would also put the launch date in line with the Android L operating system.

As for screen size, the Nexus 9 will most likely don an 8.9-inch display with 2560x1600 resolution, according to trusted tipster @evleaks.

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And who could forget the seemingly accidental image of a mysterious Nexus tablet being used in a Google promotional shot late last year? Originally, that shot was thought to show off the Nexus 8, but it's also believed that the Nexus 9 is replacing the Nexus 8. This connection between the Nexus 8, the Nexus 9, and that Google promotional shot all make sense when you consider that the common denominator is that 8.9-inch screen.

And most recently, TK Tech News is reporting that sources close to the website are claiming a launch of the Nexus 9 "within 5 days, at most a week." This would coincide with either the October 16th reports, or Google's tradition of quiet launches, if done before the big Thursday event.

Either way, we know the announcement is coming soon. This week will be a big day for Android fans, and we'll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest news.