Hong Kong Police Use Weapons to Clear Protester’s Barriers

( [email protected] ) Oct 14, 2014 07:12 PM EDT
Hong Kong Protest for Democracy
Pro-democracy protesters from the Occupy Central movement retreat from a tunnel road after being dispersed by Hong Kong police in Admiralty District of Hong Kong Photo: EPA

Police use Sledgehammers and chainsaws to tear down Hong Kong's Pro-democracy protestors barricades near government offices. This was followed by an evening demonstration when these protestors occupied Lung Wo Road, a major four-lane thoroughfare that brought this busy traffic area to a standstill. This road had been intentionally left open, until now.

"The police took a road from us today and cleared away tents, so we're taking this road," said Kelvin Chor, one of the protesters.

It took hours to clear the protestors out, police used pepper spray and batons, but these efforts failed. Central protest sites in the Admiralty and Mong Kok districts remain strong.

Removing these barricades for now is no guarantee they won't pop up again.

"We will rebuild them after the police remove them," said protester Bruce Sze. "We won't confront the police physically."

After the police removed these barricades, an improvised human barricade was constructed. Most of these protestors are students, and they want full democracy for the earlier British Colony. However, causing traffic dilemmas and confusing the Asian Financial Hub traffic flow has not helped them gain public support.

Leung Chun-Ying, The City's pro-Beijing leader, said there is "zero chance" China's leaders would give in to the protestor's requests. The Hong Kong and Beijing government have called this protest illegal. Some city officials are worried occupying the heart of the city will threaten stability.

The protest is still underway and police continue to monitor protestor activity.