Sadie Robertson, Boyfriend Blake Coward Commit to Faith, Purity Until Marriage, Post Cute Instagram Photos

( [email protected] ) Oct 27, 2014 05:57 PM EDT

Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson recently opened up about boyfriend Blake Coward, revealing that she only dates men who share her dedication to remaining pure until marriage.

Sadie Robertson
Sadie Robertson with boyfriend Blake Coward (Photo: Twitter/Sadierob)

Although the 17 year old model and her boyfriend--who recently celebrated their 10 month anniversary--are dedicated to purity, they know it isn't easy.

"People are like, 'It must be easy for you because you're Christian.' That doesn't make it any easier for me," she told US Weekly. "It's something a couple really has to decide together."

"I don't really date guys who don't feel the same way," Robertson said. "It's going to be way harder if we went into a relationship having different opinions about that."

Coward, she says, was "raised in the same kind of family" and worships at the "same kind" of church as she does. But Sadie is hesitant to talk marriage--yet.

"You never know who you're going to end up with. Who knows if my boyfriend will be my husband?" the "Dancing with the Stars" contender said. "I've always thought that I would marry young, but it just depends on if I have the right guy with me."

However, the couple seems to be going strong, often posting cute Instagram photos together.

Sadie Robertson and Boyfriend Blake Coward
(Twitter/Sadie Robertson)

Sadie, who has been praised for her performance on the show "Dancing With The Stars," recently shared a photo of herself dancing on the beach with Coward.

"mark ballas & derek hough are pretty good, but this cutie of mine is definitely my favorite guy in the world to dance with," she wrote.

Sadie's dedication to purity reflects her strong Christian beliefs--something she is very vocal about.

"For my whole life I've kind of been shadowing what my family says," the 17-year-old told "They'll say something about my faith and I agree. But now, it's time for me to say, 'This is who I am as well.' I'm not hiding behind my family anymore. I'm sharing my faith by myself, which has helped me to be more bold and more confident saying things. It's the same God; it's the same faith. It's just my opportunity to share it in my words. And I have enjoyed it. It's been good for me and I've grown a lot from it." 

Sadie Robertson and Boyfriend Blake Coward
(Twitter/Sadie Robertson)