Surfers on target with Bali project

( [email protected] ) Dec 04, 2003 09:19 AM EST

Christian Surfers Australia, in partnership with Opportunity International is a step closer to an important achievement in Bali.

A surfing contest held at Cronulla Beach, New South Wales, has raised AU$16,000 and forms part of a fundraising drive to build a Community & Youth Centre for the people of Bali in one of the areas worst hit by the economic downturn following the bombing last year.

The International director of Christian Surfers, Brett Davis was pleased with the success of the Cronulla event.

"As a fundraiser it was a great to see 50 Aussie surfers raise over $300 each and this is just one link in our fundraising for the Centre."

"We are committed long term to this project and to the Balinese, and invite others to help us make this happen. " Mr Davis said

Funding for the center is also coming from the corporate and business community in Australia, local organisations contributing more than AU$40,000 toward the project.

A cheque for AU$59,000 was presented to Opportunity International in Bali on the weekend of the first anniversary of the Bali bombing and these funds will be administered locally by Opportunity International who will co-ordinate the construction process.

Wayan Pica the President of Bali Surfing Association encouraged the new links between Bali and Australia.

"We appreciate the efforts and heart that Christian Surfers Australia have shown for the people of Bali and particularly the youth of our country".

"We hope you all come back next year and that we can have an ongoing partnership together. " Mr Pica said.