'Duck Dynasty' Christmas Episode Video: Phil Robertson Breaks Down after Buying a Family a House

( [email protected] ) Dec 16, 2014 02:59 PM EST
Duck Dynasty
The Robertson family often says that faith and family are the driving forces behind their lives. (A&E)

"Duck Dynasty" Patriarch Phil Robertson broke down in tears in a special Christmas episode of the show while praying for a family that he had just purchased a home for.

In the Christmas special, titled "Home for the Holidays," the Robertsons decided to help out an old family friend from their church, proving that the fundamental aspects of their lives center around family and faith.

When the Robertsons sat down to exchange gifts, Willie Robertson made an announcement that they would be giving an old family friend a home for Christmas this year.

TVOM reports that the old family friend, Mrs. Lewis, was struggling financially, and the family knew her for "a good 40 years." With the help of company advertising sponsor, Clayton Homes, the "Duck" family was able to present Mrs. Lewis and her son with a brand new home for the holidays.

The home included special touches made by the Robertson family, including a porch built by them.

"Mrs. Lewis was brought to tears by the gesture... all because of her humility and graciousness. It was really an incredible thing to witness," TVOM recounts.

Phil Robertson also became emotional when he tried to say a prayer to welcome Mrs. Lewis into her new home. While thanking God for the dear friend, Robertson and his wife, Miss Kay, were moved to tears.

He prayed, "Father we just give you a great big thank you for [Mrs. Lewis] and her family," he said, "Father, you know I don't cry that much but on behalf of my sister and her kids and grandkids its just hard to stop the tears."

The rest of the special Christmas episode was equally heartwarming and captured the family's natural humor onscreen.

Willie, husband of Korie and father of Sadie and John Luke, decided to record a Christmas album with the kids. However, "Uncle" Si Robertson decided that he wasn't a fan of Willie's singing, so he decided to use a little "auto-tune" help.

While the Robertsons enjoy holidays filled with fun, family and food, they make sure to keep Christ at the center of Christmas.

"While we love to have fun, especially around the holidays, we always keep our focus on the true meaning of Christmas," said Miss Kay.

"It's all about Christmas. That's when God becomes flesh," added Phil.

"It was 2014 years ago and we still remember Christmas. Christ and worship, [in other words] mass, [means] Christmas."