Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Review and Price

( [email protected] ) Dec 24, 2014 05:55 PM EST
The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9
This was on sale, and is it worth the regular price? Photo: Amazon

According to DailyTech, the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 dropped to $299, which is 30 percent off its normal price.  Sadly, this was a daily deal, and it is back to its original price.  However, is the price worth it for this tablet/reader from the World's Biggest Bookstore?

If you go to Amazon's site where it describes the specs, there are a lot of comparisons to be made with this tablet and Apple's iPad Air 2.  For example, the weight of the Fire HDX 8.9 is just 13.2 ounces, making the Fire HDX 8.9 lighter than the iPad Air 2.  The Fire HDX 8.9 also has 30 percent more pixels more than the iPad Air 2 Retina display, as its display is 2560 x 1600 resolution.  The pixel density is at 4 million, which gives it a ppi rating of 339. 

As for what is inside, you'll find it has an ultrafast 2.5 GHz quad-core processor that has a 70 percent faster graphics performance with 2 GB of RAM and Adreno 420 GPU made for quicker video as well as gaming. There is also clear sound for these functions, and it is the first tablet with Dolby Atmos for a new experience with headphones. 

As far as the camera is concerned, it has a 8 Megapixel rear-facing camera with LED flash for high resolution photos and 1080p HD video.  The front-facing camera is 720p HD, which is good for video calls from the tablet itself. 

Some of the software features include Mayday, the ability to talk to an Amazon expert 24 x 7, 365 days a year.  Users also have access to Firefly, technology that allows users to identify 100 million real-world items by bar code, QR codes, web addresses, and phone numbers.   Then there is the access to over 33 million movies, TV shows, songs, books, Android apps, and games with "unlimited" cloud storage for all Amazon content as well as any photos taken with any Fire device.  Speaking of unlimited, the purchase of the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 will allow the user access to Kindle Unlimited free for 30 days, with access to 700,000 titles and thousands of audiobooks. 

If this tablet sounds like something that you want before the New Year begins, head on over to the Amazon site and lay down $379.00 for the 16 GB version or $479.00 for the 64 GB Version.