'Duck Dynasty's Willie and Korie Robertson Share Details of Upcoming 'Duck Commander' Musical

( [email protected] ) Jan 20, 2015 01:39 PM EST
Willie and Korie Robertson of the hit television show "Duck Dynasty" recently shared some details regarding their upcoming musical, "Duck Commander Family Musical."
Willie and Korie Robertson star in the family-friendly show, ''Duck Dynasty.'' Photo: God's Note Dead

Willie and Korie Robertson of the hit A&E show "Duck Dynasty" recently shared some details regarding the upcoming musical based on their reality television series, "Duck Commander Family Musical."

On Monday, Willie and Korie talked to Fox News about the Broadway-style production which is headed to Las Vegas this year. While the musical will not star the Robertsons themselves, the production is based on Willie and Korie's book detailing their rags-to-riches story, "The Duck Commander Family: How Faith, Family and Ducks Built a Dynasty."

"It's about redemption," Willie said, according to Fox. "It's about all these decisions we had to make in our life and overcoming and ending up being on TV and all that. It's a great story and it's pretty powerful."

The duo also discussed casting characters for the musical, including an actor to portray Uncle Si who "nailed" the role, as well as the music itself.

"It's so weird seeing your life being played out on a stage like that..it's surreal," said Willie.

"When we heard the first four songs played for us, Willie and I cried," added Korie. "We boo-hoed like babies... It's the story of the American dream."

"Duck Commander Family Musical," directed by Grease's Jeff Calhoun, will debut at the Las Vegas Rio Hotel and Casino in February The show is reportedly expected to include lots of country, blues and show tunes--and a video of the Robertson clan.

Steven Morris, one of the composers of the "Duck Commander" show, predicted that the fan base for "Duck Dynasty" - which has had as many as 11 million viewers - would create a large audience for the musical.

"The specificity and the strangeness of the family's lives and home are a great fit for a compelling musical," Morris told The New York Times. "I think the expectation is that it'll be all chicken-pickin' stuff and banjos, but what we're trying to do is pull out as much heart, humor and sincerity as we can to keep people surprised."

Other big-name producers who have stepped in to help make Duck Commander include Tommy Mottola and The Dodgers,the brains behind Jersey Boys and Matilda. The complete cast will be announced at a later date.

Meanwhile, the Robertsons continue to be a favorite with TV viewers, with many fans drawn to the family's dedication to their Christian values. "Duck Dynasty" will will enter its eighth season on A&E later this year.