FEBC Celebrates 70 Years of Bringing the Gospel to China

( [email protected] ) Jan 21, 2015 05:18 PM EST
The Far East Broadcasting Co. is celebrating 70 years of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to China in an online video.
Photo: FEBC

The Far East Broadcasting Co. is celebrating 70 years of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to China in an online video.

The video, which is available on YouTube, highlights the efforts of two men, Bob Bowman and John Broger, to bring the news about the Kingdom of God to China and around the world. According to the organization's history, their efforts were not financially backed up by any church denomination or supportive board; it also faced many challenges too.

"Seventy years ago, two men had a courageous new idea that could take the Gospel far into the outer reaches of the Orient," the narrator said in the video. "The mission failed."

Undeterred by their failure, the video then elaborated on their relentlessness.

"They came up with a new plan even greater than the first, utilizing the most powerful technology of the day," the narrator said. "But once again, it failed."

After that second failure, it was only then the founders, who were "godly men" with "pure intentions," realized something.

"We can do nothing for the people of China," the founders said. "We will never accomplish this impossible mission. But God will, through us."

The organization noted how God worked in the "hearts and souls" of the people of China. According to FEBC, the number of Christians in China soared from 2 million back in 1945 to over 90 million today.

"After 70 years of broadcasting into China, FEBC reaches millions with the Gospel every day in many major and ethnic languages," the narrator said. "We've also trained over 13,000 students in China through our theological seminary."

FEBC is "humbled" that God had selected them as "one of His chosen instruments" to spread the Gospel in that vast country. The video ended with a passage from the Book of Luke.

"There is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents." (Luke 15:10b)

According to the history posted on the organization's website, the founders "followed God's lead to launch a ministry that focused on the extreme spiritual needs of the people of Asia following World War II." Bowman and Broger leaned on the promises of God to back their efforts.

"With one country in particular on their hearts-China-they aired their very first broadcast from Shanghai," FEBC wrote. "But by 1948 all mission work in China was shut down; an alternative had to be found."

FEBC decided to base its radio outreach operations in the Philippines because of its ideal location in the South China Sea. The organization noted that its first broadcast went out on the air in Manila on June, 4, 1948, and later aired in China the following year.

The organization elaborated on its outreach of sharing the Gospel around the world.

"Our total number of languages now exceeds 130 worldwide, with broadcasting hours totaling 700 a day," FEBC wrote. "Three billion people live within range of our transmitters."

FEBC added that its mission was "to share Christ with the world," noting that its outreach received "1.25 million listener responses, many attesting to transformed lives."

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