Valentine’s Day 2015 Gift Ideas: Technology and Out-of-the-Box Gift For Him and For Her

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For most people, a typical Valentine’s Day gift usually involves a combination of roses, fancy chocolates stuffed in a heart-shaped box, and perhaps a nice dinner on the town. Here are some gift suggestions that go beyond normal conventions.

For most people, a typical Valentine's Day gift usually involves a combination of roses, fancy chocolates stuffed in a heart-shaped box, and perhaps a nice dinner on the town. However, both men and women can improve their game in giving gifts that are appropriate, thoughtful and last beyond a box of chocolates or a flower bouquet.

In general, gift-giving on Valentine's Day is typically conducted by dating and married couples. However, love is a universal concept that can be expressed by anyone.  

With that in mind, here are some thought-provoking suggestions that are appropriate for both men and women.

Tech-savvy gifts

If your significant other has a passion for technology, the right gift for them can be a challenge, especially if they like playing with new gadgets. Christian de Looper of Tech Times had six potential gift ideas that could satisfy even the most wired techie in your life.

"You can't miss with jewelry on Valentine's Day," Looper wrote. "Thankfully, some innovative jewelry makers offer accessories boasting a bit of tech spice."

In terms of tech jewelry, Looper noted that QR code jewelry would make for an interesting gift, given that a smartphone or tablet with QR code app is needed to decipher its romantic messages. He also mentioned a gem-encrusted bracelet called Mica; developed by Intel in partnership with Opening Ceremony, this piece of jewelry has a curved sapphire touchscreen.

"Not only snazzy, it's practical for the techie as users can check emails, text messages and even read Yelp reviews," Looper wrote. "It won't come cheap, however, coming with a price tag of $495."

For tech-savvy folks who love music, Looper recommended the Beats by Dre Pill. Unlike traditional speakers and acoustic peripherals, no messy wires and cables are needed to use this device.

"The Beats by Dre Pill allows users to pair and stream music from up to 30 feet away through Bluetooth," Looper wrote. "It features a rechargeable battery that lasts up to seven hours, and the red version is perfect for Valentine's Day."

For those into the world of video games, having a relationship with a diehard gamer can be tricky at times. Looper suggested getting them the "I Love You More Than Video Games" gift box.

"This gift box is actually designed specifically for that potential relationship situation," Looper wrote. "It features several techie gifts that are video-game themed, including Pac-Man candy, PlayStation PSP sour-candy and Donkey Kong 'I Love You' gum."

For those who dabble in the intensely technical world of coding, Looper suggested the "You Are The CSS to my HTML" mug. He thought that this gift suggestion was "the perfect tech-head way to say 'you complete me.'"

In terms of personal gifts, Looper suggested a personalized iPhone or iPad case by Shout. Unlike other cases, users can "upload their own designs and customize them to look exactly the way they want."

"Valentine's Day ideas include an abundance of love hearts or a picture of the two of you together," Looper wrote. "What says love more than an iPhone case depicting two people in love?"

Out-of-the-box, unconventional gifts

If you are dating or have married someone who is not easily impressed by conventional Valentine's Day gifts, Antonio J. Newell of The Inquisitr News posted a few out-of-the-box suggestions that could work in your favor.

"Thoughtfulness can count just as much as the amount spent on a gift," Newell wrote. "A gift can be expensive, but if there's no meaning behind it, it would be less effective than something creatively special and sentimental."

One suggestion from Newell included turning one's residence into a fancy restaurant. Considering the crowds at such places on Valentine's Day, it may be worthwhile to go all-out at home instead.

"Take the time to set up the place, appropriately," Newell wrote. "Ribbons, flare, table etiquette and presentation, music, candles - give it the works. One could even hire a private musician for the evening. Prepare a menu for your companion, and allow him or her to choose what he or she would like to eat or drink."

Although doing this "may all equate to the cost of going out to eat," Newell reported that "it would mean significantly more coming from personal effort."

Newell noted that a weekend road trip would also work, given that Valentine's Day falls on Saturday this year. This gift would especially be appreciated by anyone who has a "spontaneous side."

"Ensure the destinations won't take more than a day to reach - especially if you have to work on Monday," Newell wrote. "If it takes a day to get there, it will equally take a day to get back."

Another out-of-the-box gift that could work in benefiting a relationship is conquering a fear together. Newell noted that many people are afraid of heights, so it had an interesting suggestion to conquer that fear.

"Why not take a skydiving or hot-air balloon session together?" Newell wrote. "Afterwards, celebrate heavily. It'd be deserving."

One final suggestion from Newell for an unconventional gift is going above and beyond to maintain the "spark" in your relationship. Getting out of your comfort zone shouldn't just happen only on Valentine's Day.

"Do the things that began the spark in the first place," Newell wrote. "In relationships, the courtship should not end. This is the mistake that happens."

Whatever gift you end up selecting or doing for your significant other, make sure that your choice comes from the heart. Since Valentine's Day is all about the love, taking the time and effort to select the proper gift will strengthen your relationship if done in a thoughtful manner.

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