NBA All-Star Vince Carter Talks to Gospel Herald About Stuart Scott, Fatherhood and NBA Playoffs

( [email protected] ) Jan 29, 2015 07:26 PM EST
Vince Carter
Future NBA Hall of Famer Vince Carter. Photo: NBA

Memphis Grizzlies guard-forward Vince Carter decided to sit down with the Gospel Herald to discuss various topics, including the passing of Stuart Scott, what it's like to be a father, and his goals for the 2015 NBA playoffs.

In a video for the Gospel Herald, Darrel Johnson first asked Carter, the future Hall of Famer, about his thoughts on the passing of legendary ESPN anchor Stuart Scott, who died Jan. 4 at the age of 49 from cancer. Carter considered him a great friend.

"Stuart Scott was a friend of mine," Carter said. "He's a graduate of the University of North Carolina, where I graduated from, so we had mutual respect. He's just a great person."

Carter added that the ESPN anchor "was very friendly to anyone he didn't know."

"When you meet him, you felt like you've known this guy for years," Carter said about Scott. "He has a very open, bubbly, charismatic [personality]. Everyone has an appreciation for what he has done for SportsCenter and how he's transcended and changed the game. Hearing about [his death] was tough."  

The basketball star recalled how Scott made analyzing his gameplay more interesting.

"I always think back of the flavor and the 'spice' that he put on my highlights," Carter said. "You go home, get a big dunk or big play, you know to go to SportsCenter because Stuart's going to kill it. May he rest in peace."

Johnson then asked whether or not Scott added extra commentary on Carter's gameplay, considering that both men went to the same university.

"He had so many. 'Boo-yah!' was his go-to [phrase]," Carter said. "His timing was impeccable, and he knew when to hit it at the right moment. At the same time, he looked out for his Tar Heel guys. He was a proud Tar Heel ... so I knew he was going to put in a little something for us."

Carter then recalled a comment that Mark Cuban said about the ESPN anchor.

"You look forward to having a Stuart Scott interview because you knew you won a championship," Carter said, citing Cuban. "Stuart Scott is going to give an unbelievable interview after you just won the championship."

Carter added that "it's going to be a bit weird this year" without Scott doing the post-game championship interview.

Johnson then turned the focus on Carter's personal life, asking him what it was like to be a father.

"I hope to be open and honest with my child, a daughter," Carter said in regards to fatherhood. "She can talk to me about anything. I want her to feel comfortable enough to be able to bring up concerns and issues of any kind [with me]."

Carter hoped that the father-child relationship of open communication continued as she grows into a teenager.

"That's the toughest part," Carter said, talking about the challenges of growing up a teenager. "Hopefully I've developed some of the foundation now for her to feel comfortable enough to talk not only just to me, but to her parents in general."

Johnson then asked the All-Star athlete on what his goals are for the Grizzlies and the upcoming NBA playoffs, which could be competitive this year.

"Our goals are really to stay healthy and just do our job, do our part," Carter said. "Regardless of how wild the [Western Conference] may be, if we're not doing our part, we're just going to fall behind."

Carter added that the Grizzlies had "a great start to the season," noting that things could be looking up for his team.

"We've lost a few, but at the same time, we've still established ourselves in a great position to where I think we have a great chance at the end of the year."

Carter then elaborated about the new players on the roster, Jeff Green and Russ Smith.

"Once we get them acclimated, I think we just need to continue just being who we are," Carter said. "Hopefully at the end of the year, we have a playoff position that we want."

Johnson concluded by thanking Carter for his time, wishing him the best of luck for the rest of the NBA season.

Click below to watch the full interview. 

Vince Carter


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