WWE News Update: Wrestlemania 31 Rumors And Predictions

( [email protected] ) Jan 31, 2015 02:30 AM EST
We have previously reported what we predicted would happen at Royal Rumble 2015, and it looks like we were right when we said Roman Reigns would Reign Royal Rumble 2015.  The event might be the reason for a recent announcement from WWE saying that they have reached one million subscribers.   Another big event is coming up with Wrestlemania 31, and here is our predictions and rumors of what will happen on March 29th.
WrestleMania 31 coming on March 29th

After Roman Reigns wins the Royal Rumble 2015 for the very first time, another big event is coming up. The WWE World Heavyweight Championship match for WrestleMania 31 has been set. Reigning champion Brock Lesnar will defend against Roman Reigns. Here is our predictions and rumors of what will happen on March 29th.   

One thing that might occur is a match between Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler, according to Wrestling Inc.  WWE's website has picked up a Twitter challenge between the two fighters, and wrote a teaser about a possible match, referencing the 2010 Champion vs. Champion bout between Bryan and Ziggler as a "widely accepted as a modern classic".  There is also the possibility that Bryan could go after Seth Rollins, so Bryan's fights seem to be in a spotlight that is under a magnifying glass. 

Another event that will occur is that the WWE plans to bring back the battle royal match that was seen at Wrestlemania 30 just last year, according to Wrestlezone. What is not known is if the match will be labeled the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, as a tribute to the late wrestler.  Whatever it is called, this battle royal match could be an annual Wrestlemania bout. 

A recent article from What Culture has many predictions for Wrestlemania 31.  For example, there will be a lot of tag team matches, but only in the pre-shows.  There could also be the possibility of a Random Filler Divas match.  There could also be a Survivor Series six-man tag team match featuring Ziggler, Ryback, and Rowan versus Kane, Big Show, and Luke Harper. 

Another popular match could be Goldust vs. Stardust/Cody Rhodes, the former teammates who will face each other in a long-awaited bout.  Another popular fight could be Miz and Mizdow facing each other, which is also said to be a long time coming.  Dean Ambrose could also face the top Superstar Randy Orton, and it talked about that John Cena will face Rusev, and will defeat him. 

Then there could be a big fight between Sting and Triple H.  Sting is quite up there at 56 years old, and he is also never wrestled in a WWE ring.  It sounds like Sting will win, but not after HHH puts up a good fight.   Also, the Undertaker, also an old-school wrestler, could take on Bray Wyatt. 

Now it is time to address the elephant in the room.  Brock Lesnar was able to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena and Seth Rollins in the Triple Threat Match for the WWE grand prize.  Now Lesnar is going to have a title match with Royal Rumble winner Roman Reigns in what could be considered a big event for pay-per-view.  

So the question remains, will Royal Rumble winner Roman Reigns reign at Wrestlemania 31 in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?  If so, then this could be the end of Brock Lesnar, as there are doubts he will remain in the WWE after Wrestlemania 31, according to Inquistir. 

Find out what happens two months from now on March 29th, when Wrestlemania begins at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California.  It will be on WWE pay-per-view, and there will be many ways to stream it.