'Duck Dynasty's Jessica Robertson Addresses Concerns about Patriarch Phil, Christianity on TV, and Being Labeled a Submissive Wife

( [email protected] ) Jan 30, 2015 08:28 PM EST
Jessica and Jep Robertson
Jessica and Jep Robertson. Photo: Startraks/REX

The Duck Dynasty family has been exposed to more spotlight than they could have ever dreamed when the A&E show debuted three years ago, but it's the way they're handling the fame while still staying focused on their faith that is the most interesting part.

In a recent interview with Christianity Today's her.meneutics, Jessica Robertson explains how the show has given a new platform for Christianity to grow, and she hopes even more television shows follow suite.

"[W]e never really pictured ourselves going out and sharing our testimony or our faith," Jessica explains of her and her husband, the youngest Robertson brother Jep. "We were still coming into it, but really the show has pushed us. Now we get more and more comfortable doing that and getting on stage."

The Robertson family is much more than bushy-bearded duck hunters as many who have never seen the show believe. And patriarch Phil Robertson's outspoken nature has gotten him into some controversy over the years with his pro-traditional marriage stance, but the Robertsons have never backed down or compromised their faith for what they're told is acceptable in today's American society. This is especially evident in how well the family sticks together through those tough times.

"When all that came about... the writer misconstrued it, they wanted it to be something terrible, and if you're in some sort of television or social media or writing or radio or blogging, you know how that works," she said. "You could see how someone could do that. But we didn't look at it as this horrific thing, we looked at it like the Evil One is trying to destroy the platform. I know the real deal, and I know the real Phil and Kay. Their love of Christ exuberates onto other people. If you were around them, you would see that in their lives."

During the annual Duck Commander Cruise, the Robertson family takes the opportunity to witness to over 2,000 attendees, and last year's cruise resulted in over 200 baptisms alone! "That in itself is like, 'This is why we do it. This right here is where we can share our faith and the love of Christ with other people,'" Jessica said.

Jessica talked in depth about the importance of the Heart to Home women's ministry that the Roberston wives will be attending next week, as well as a recent meeting she had with fellow Christian TV personality, Jen Hatmaker.

"The more Christian shows out there, the more good influence we have, the better," Jessica said. "Jesus is doing so much in their lives, and for them to do that-it's not an easy thing to do. You're giving away a huge portion of your time and your life. You have to know it's not just a 9-to-5 job. It is somewhat of a sacrifice, but God has a plan and he has something bigger."

But one sticking point that many critics have about the Robertson women is this idea that they're willing to stand by their husbands no matter what. While that may seem like an odd thing to be criticized for, Jessica points out that actress Candace Cameron Bure was recently chastised for saying that she's a submissive wife.

"The world views submissive as a negative thing, and we view it as a positive thing," she pointed out. "I respect my husband, and I do things that he would want me to do. The same that he would do for me.

"It's not a take, take, take world for Christians."