Latest Update of Bobbi Kristina Brown: Whitney Houston's Daughter Suffers 'Violent' Seizures, Family Desperately Ask for Prayers

( [email protected] ) Feb 26, 2015 05:06 PM EST
The family of Bobbi Kristina Brown is asking for continued prayers as the 21 year old continues to fight for her life following a severe setback on Thursday morning.
Bobbi Kristina Brown is the only daughter of the famed Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

The Brown family is asking for prayers after Bobbi Kristina, the only old daughter of Whitney Houston and R&B singer Bobby Brown, experienced a severe setback following the withdrawal of coma medicine.

On Wednesday, doctors at Emory University Hospital took the 21 year old out of a medically induced coma, which she had remained in since January 31 after being found unresponsive in a bathtub. Although medical experts were originally optimistic about the outcome, they were forced to place Bobbi Kristina back into a coma on Thursday morning after she experienced violent seizures.

"This is a horrible setback. Everyone was hopeful that this was the sign that she'd turned the corner. We were so optimistic," a family source told PEOPLE. "Bobby is taking this so hard; he was sure this was going to be a good day. But please, everyone needs to pray for Krissi. I don't care what religion you are, or if you have no religion at all. Send your thoughts, your prayers, your well-wishes. Send everything you've got. Please." 

Less than a week ago, doctors removed Bobbi Kristina's breathing tube, a normal procedure performed after time to prevent infections, protect the vocal cords and keep the lungs intact. However, the 21 year old remains on a ventilator and feeding tube, and no decisions have yet been made as to her life support.

Bobbi Kristina has remained in critical condition since she was found face down and not breathing in the bathtub of her Roswell, Georgia home in late January. According to medical experts, she was likely deprived of oxygen while in the bathtub for anywhere from two to fifteen minutes--which could mean significant brain damage. Although no drugs were found in her system, police have confirmed that drugs were found at the scene.

The reason for Bobbi Kristina's current condition remains unknown, but police are treating her case as a criminal investigation after bruises were discovered on her face and body. Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina's boyfriend, is regarded as a person of interest in the investigation, as the pair shared a tumultuous, and often violent relationship.

In the meantime, Bobbi Kristina's cousin, Jerod Brown, and Gordon are giving away free t-shirts meant to show support for the young woman and are asking for prayer as she continues to fight for her life.

"I thank you all for your continued support!!!! Myself & Nick Gordon want to show our appreciation by sending a personal ‪#‎PrayForBK T-shirt free of charge!," Jerod wrote on his Facebook account, where he is taking orders for the shirts.

He later added in a follow-up post, "This is a moment we all have shared together and though we ask for privacy, you all have given ME a feeling of comfort and definitely a confidence that we will witness a miracle here on Earth," he wrote.

"From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of Bobbi Kristina, we thank you! ‪#‎GodIsGreat," Jerod added.