2004 Teen Mission International

Shake the world for Jesus
( [email protected] ) Apr 17, 2004 12:21 PM EDT

49 teams in 41 countries are preparing for the upcoming Teen Missions International event. Starting from June and contionuing til August, they are going to "shake the world for Jesus!"

It has been advertised that no matter where you go, from the North to the South, UK, France, Ecuador, Cuba, Mongolia, Kenya, Egypt, Cambodia, China, Australia and Brazil...you will never be the same. The Teen Missions International Summer Team will have the opportunity to experience national culture working alongside people to enrich their lives. Each participant will be trained to take the Gospel to people who have been waiting for the hope that it brings. They will learn construction, evangelism, Bible, team work, and discipline in an Overseas Boot Camp.

More than 27,380 overseas teens have participated in Teen Missions Overseas Boot Camps since 1982.

Currently, there are 26 Active Boot Camp locations (159 teams and 3,061 people in the last year, with 1,804 Bridging the Gap for full-time Christian service) and 18 active BMW Training Centres (343 students).