Tim Tebow Returns to NFL, Signs With Philadelphia Eagles

( [email protected] ) Apr 20, 2015 09:44 PM EDT
For the first time since 2012, Tim Tebow has returned to the NFL on Monday, this time playing for the Philadelphia Eagles.
Tebow, 27, is a devout Christian and founder of the Tim Tebow Organization.

For the first time since 2012, Tim Tebow has returned to the NFL on Monday, this time playing for the Philadelphia Eagles.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Eagles announced that Tebow signed a one-year deal with them. He would be joining a crowded quarterback roster that includes Matt Barkley, Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez.

"Philadelphia has finalized an agreement with the 27-year-old Tebow, the framework of which was put into place when he worked out for the team last month," Schefter wrote. "Tebow will be paid the minimum salary."

Schefter reported that Sanchez and Tebow, who both previously played with the New York Jets as teammates, would be reunited. That development has, in Schefter's opinion, made the team more interesting to watch in the offseason.

"Tebow will try to jump-start an NFL career that has been on hold since he played his last NFL game in 2012," Schefter wrote. "Since then, Tebow continued to train for two full seasons with noted throwing coach Tom House, who also has worked with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady."

Tebow has previously worked for ESPN and the SEC Network. According to Schefter, he played two seasons with the Denver Broncos before trying his chances with the New England Patriots.

"He went to training camp with the Patriots before being released in August 2013," Schefter wrote.

Despite that setback, Tebow kept his football hopes up and now has the chance to pursue his NFL dream in Philadelphia.

"I will remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback," Tebow wrote on Twitter shortly after he was cut from the Patriots.

While Tebow has a passionate fan base for his activities off the field, some critics have argued that he's still not NFL quarterback material. Nancy Armour of USA Today Sports reported that even though he's a Heisman trophy winner alongside Johnny Manizel and Matt Leinart, success in college football is not necessarily an indicator of future success in the NFL.

"The sad truth is that success in college is rarely a guarantee of success in the pros - quite the opposite in many cases," Armour wrote. "With the exception of Cam Newton, quarterbacks who won the Heisman have generally been a bust in the NFL."

However, Scot Loeffer, Tebow's quarterbacks coach during his final season at Florida, told Armour that he has the capability to make it successfully in the NFL this time around.

"I just know this: I know the guy is probably in top-notch physical shape. I can promise you he's been working on his trade and his throwing mechanics," Loeffler said. "Knowing him, I know he'll put every ounce of energy into it."

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