Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse DLC 3 Review, Release Date for PS4, XBox One and PC: New Outfits, Wig Included

( [email protected] ) May 07, 2015 02:16 AM EDT
Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse

Fans of Dragon Ball Xenoverse in the United States and Europe will have to wait a little longer for the official arrival of DLC Pack 3. However, Bandai Namco has released some free DLC to keep both console and PC gamers happy for now.

Bandai Namco released the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Resurrection 'F' Costume Pack for all players on Wednesday. According to its blog post, the DLC is available for free on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

"The DLC pack is included in the Season Pass for all Season Pass owners," Bandi Namco wrote for Steam users. "But if you don't own the season pass, you can still register for your free code on our website."

Bandi Namco also included a link for console gamers to download the content. Another link has also been posted for PC gamers.

The company noted that the DLC includes "SSGSS Goku Movie Costume," "SSGSS Vegeta Movie Costume," and "SSGSS Movie Wig."

Ryan Winslett of Cinema Blend elaborated on the significance of the free release.

"The outfits look pretty much like every other version the duo has worn in the past, but now they bear the new markings of their current trainer," Winslett wrote. "As for the wig, fans of the series will know that Goku, with the help of a bunch of his friends, attained the level of Super Saiyan God in the most recent movie, Battle of Gods."

Winslett added that Goku will get pointy blue hair with this update.

"In the upcoming Resurrection F, the gang will have to wage war against a new version of Frieza and, to do it, it looks like Goku will achieve an even higher version of the God form, which now turns his hair pointy and makes it glow a lovely blue," Winslett wrote.

Winslett noted that gamers will see the features immediately once they download the DLC.

"Unlike costume bits gained from previous DLC packs, these bad boys will be added to your in-game inventory immediately, so you won't have to spend a bunch of Zeni in order to purchase them from the shop," Winslett wrote. "Just download the DLC, fire up Xenoverse and, boom, you've got some new duds."

Although DLC 3 hasn't arrived yet for Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Winslett reported that it will include the new form of Frieza as featured in the upcoming movie.

"If it's anything like the previous DLC packs, though, you can probably expect a couple of other characters, some new missions, and lots of new cosmetic items and abilities to equip," Winslett wrote.

As for the game itself, Kyle Hilliard wrote a review on Game Informer back in February. He argued that Dragon Ball Z had a good track record in video game form.

"Players are summoned by the wish-granting dragon Shenron to be part of the Time Patrol, which fixes errors that are mysteriously occurring in the Dragon Ball Z timeline," Hilliard wrote. "The premise is flimsy, but being the one who makes sure Raditz gets hit by Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon, or helps to defeat the Ginyu force is fun."

Hilliard then elaborated on the customization features in the game.

"The premise behind Xenoverse affords players the opportunity to design and play as their own character while revisiting many of Dragon Ball Z's most memorable moments," Hilliard wrote. "Akira Toriyama's art style is instantly recognizable, and developer Dimps did a fantastic job of retaining that style even when you have the ability to customize your character."

However, Hilliard found a minor problem within the customization ability. There was no way to preview what is bought from the in-game store.

"This may seem like a minor complaint, but I wanted to know what I was buying before I did, as the aesthetic of the garment is just as important to me as the stats associated with it," Hilliard wrote. "As a result, I would often just buy a bunch of equipment, see what it looked like, and then sell back what I didn't want at an unnecessary loss."

Hilliard praised Xenoverse's combat and action as "flashy," but noted that the gameplay felt "shallow."

"Special attack options are plentiful, letting you choose if you want to be more of a support, long-range, or short-range character," Hilliard wrote. "Regardless of [whom] I played as or what special attacks I used, I never did much more than hammer away at the attack button, fire off a special move, then rinse and repeat. It looks awesome, but is too repetitive to stay interesting."

Despite that shortcoming, Hilliard mentioned that Xenoverse was "one of my favorite Dragon Ball Z video games." He gave it a "GI Rating" of 7.5 out of 10.

The ESRB has rated "Dragon Ball Xenoverse" a T for Teen.

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