The Arrow Season 4 Episode 1 Spoilers, Premiere Date

( [email protected] ) May 31, 2015 08:24 PM EDT

Though Arrow Season 4 episode 1 is months away from debut, fans and critics are already speculating on things to come. In the sections below, we will look at some of these rumors as well as the possible premiere date. Be warned, there will be spoilers ahead.

October Release Date Very Likely

For three consecutive seasons, Arrow has debuted in the month of October. Provided that CW Network remains consistent with the launch cycle, Season 4 may debut in that time frame.

No More Arrow for the Foreseeable Future

Leading-man Stephen Amell recently confirmed that his character, Oliver Queen, is abandoning the Arrow alter-ego.

"Arrow is done," Amell told a reporter from E! magazine. "No more Arrow suit. I've worn it for the last time."

This is not to suggest that this will be the last time viewers see the protagonist. After all, he is the soul of the series. Instead, the character may continue fighting crime as Oliver Queen. Still, this may or may not occur.

However, Screen Rant recently came out with a theory that 'Ollie' will return to Season 4 as a so-called truer Green Arrow. The publication suggests that the character has continually tried to find his identity without much success. For instance, Amell's iteration is dark and brooding in much the same way as Bruce Wayne's Batman.

Theoretically, Oliver may start taking on a more cheerful persona due to his newfound happiness with love-interest Felicity Smoak. Still, there is also the chance the TV show may take an even darker turn. At this stage, it is tough to say what will happen in Season 4.

Main Villain May Be Damien Darhk

TVLIne's Michael Ausiello predicted that Damien Darhk may be the main villain in the upcoming fourth season. So far, this mysterious character has only been mentioned by name. In the episode Al Sah-him, Ra's tells Oliver that Damien leads a "hive of followers" who has defected from the League of Assassins.

This quote is a cheeky reference to H.I.V.E. - the same international criminal organization featured in the comic book source material. According to DC Lore, Damien Darhk happens to be the group's leader.

H.I.V.E was also mentioned in Season 2, when Diggles finds out that the organization murdered his brother. Whether or not he gets revenge remains to be seen.

In the Arrow TV show, Darhk was once Ra's al Ghul's loyal companion. Their friendship soured after Ra's was chosen to lead the Assassins. Damien apparently felt he was more worthy of the position. Ra's hesitated in killing his friend. This leads to Darhk escaping and forming a rival organization modeled on the League. Naturally, the main villain's identity will only be confirmed in Season 4.