China Red Cross

China has gathered 150,000,000 yuan for the Indonesia Tsunami Disaster Donation
( [email protected] ) Jan 20, 2005 01:21 PM EST

According to Xinhua press, the China Red Cross will donate up to 150,000,000 yuan to victims of the South-East Asia tsunami disaster.

According to sources, shorty after the tsunami had occurred, the China Red Cross appealed to all its branches to actively raise funds.

The China Red Cross has already donated no less than $2,660,000 US dollars to Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and other disaster-stricken areas.

Other fund-raising events is scheduled to be held in order to finance reconstruction and relief efforts in cities, orphanages, schools, and villages within the disaster area.

So far, the China Red Cross has sent out two rescue relief teams to Sri Lanka. The third team is scheduled to depart for Thailand. Upon arrival, a three teams will evaluate the current situation and determine the necessary measures to provide relief at each site. According to Red Cross China, the groups are expected to come in contact with domestic Red Cross groups and other rescue relief organizations in order to discuss the immediate steps in implementing reconstruction work.

In addition, the China Red Cross is expecting to receive help from the China Airline company. China Airline has offered, free of charge, the usage of its Boeing 747 fleet to help transport over 10,000,000 yuan worth of rescue supplies to disaster areas in Indonesia.

The director of the China Red Cross was heard to have said that in order to ensure proper handling of funds, the China Red Cross will function strictly under the regulations and guidelines set forth by the international Red Cross and the People's Republic of China Red Cross.

To ensure such measure, the China Red Cross has posted its current total donation collection amount, relief activities, and plans on its website. The information posted will be giving consistently updated reports that will be open to public viewing.