Persecution and Church Growth in India

( [email protected] ) Dec 27, 2003 10:49 AM EST

India – Despite the constant pressures of violence and persecution targeted at Christians in India, Church growth has steadily increased throughout 2003.

Doctor Bobby Gupta with HBI Global Partners - an India missionary training organization, said the persecution provided an opportunity to reveal Christ’s light more brightly.

"While we see this persecution and we see this pressure that is mounting on us from this Hindu activist movement. On the other end of the spectrum we're seeing the church seeing the light, taking responsibility (and they see a) great opportunity that is immerging to fulfill the Great Commission in our land."

Nonetheless, Christians must be cautious of the violence toward those sharing the message as well as those listening to them. Often times, Hindu militants lashed out at the 300 million Dalits who rejected the Hindu faith.

"(India) is going to experience what Russia experienced, what eastern Europe experienced, what's going on in Indonesia right now," said Gupta. "There's going to be a raise of people that are saying we want independence for ourself."

Gupta hopes that within the next five years, tribal Indians will flood through the HBI gates to meet Christ.

"I think that every stat the HBI can be in today and in the next five years will establish a presence of Jesus Christ when those tribal resurgence happens.”