iOS 8.4 and iOS 9 Release Date Update: Apple Introduces Music Audio Streaming Service

( [email protected] ) Jul 01, 2015 09:17 AM EDT
Apple’s iOS 8.4 is now available, while the iOS 9 release date is still pending. Naturally, the question of many users minds is what to expect after installation.

Apple's iOS 8.4 is now available, while the iOS 9 release date is still pending. Users will need to wait for a notification from their devices before installing the new firmware. Naturally, the question of many users minds is what to expect after installation.

For starters, Apple is introducing its highly-anticipated Apple Music audio streaming service through iOS 8.4. Although the subscription costs $9.99 per month, new users will get the first three months free.  Alternatively, operators can still listen to Beats 1 for free.

So, how about bugs?

Apparently, iOS 8.4 fixes many of the bugs associated with previous iOS releases. These include the so-called Effective Power bug, which crashes iPhones that receive a particular string of text. It is not clear what caused this bug. Apple has not offered an explanation, and is certainly keeping mum about this subject. Even so, the next update will theoretically eliminate this bug.

Preparations Before Installation

To ensure relatively trouble free installation, users must keep their iPhones fully charged. It is a good idea to fully charge the device before installation.

 Also, the iPhone owner will need to find a location with stable WiFi access. Installing using the 3G or 4G network may result in a lost connection. Usually, a place with stable WiFi is at the user's home.

Setting aside free time to install iOS 8.4 is also essential. The update is massive, and will take up a considerable amount of time. Users who rely on their iPhones for essential tasks will not want to be caught dead with a device that is still updating. During the installation process, owners will not be able to use their iPhones.

Problems sometimes do occur even though the user followed proper installation guidelines. There are plenty of tutorials on the web regarding how to backdate an iPhone to the previous operating system.

For now, users have not reported iOS 8.4 bugs. However, this may change in the coming days as more users start downloading the new firmware. So, it may be best to hold off for a short while before installing. Unless the user is in a hurry to trial Apple Music, there is no rush to update.

iOS 9 Release Date

At this time, Apple has not confirmed a release date for iOS 9 - which recently debuted at this year's WWDC conference. Even so, the general consensus amongst Apple watchers is that iOS 9 will be ready by Fall 2015.

Happily, diehard fans can trial the upcoming iOS firmware via a public beta that starts in July. However, interested parties will need to signup with Apple first before participating in the testing program. Beta testers will also get a chance to trial OS X El Capitan as well.

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