"Noah's Ark" - The Revelation of God's Love in the Midst of Catastrophes

Taipei, Taiwan - Kaohsiung Mustard Seed Musical Group performed , which caught the attention of many to enjoy their show.
( [email protected] ) Sep 26, 2005 11:51 PM EDT

Taipei, Taiwan - Kaohsiung Mustard Seed Musical Group performed "Noah's Ark - Taiwan Edition", which caught the attention of many to enjoy their show. The musical ignited the sparks of gospel, scattered the seed of truth, and led Taiwan into the kingdom of God.

The Manager of Taiwan

In recent years, Taiwan suffered from many natural disasters and problems in the society, and the citizens of the country lives in anxiety, losing the hope in the future and living in their own bubble; but "Noah's Ark" declared a message to the crowd, "Even though you don't look for me, but, I still love you, Taiwan."

The play portrays how God, who created the heaven and the earth, gave us this land to manage. We were supposed to take care of it; however, men do not respect nature rather they destroy it, which cause nature to retaliate. There is a scene showing an elder reminiscing about the past days. At that time, as the quality of life improved dramatically people begin to lose the value of life to the point where they also neglected the 5000 years-old Chinese traditional values of Confucianism. In conclusion, what kind of world is this? On the surface it is rich, but it is actually a poor country. This situation can be compared to how the situation was during the times of Noah, where the only missing element is the flood water.

Scattering the Seeds of Faith, Lifting Up the Collapsed Trees

In the midst of chaos and people despairing, Noah scattered a handful of faith seed, mustard seed. How will these tiny mustard seed change the present world? This is faith. The most touching scene occurred when the people realize the meaning of why God gave us this land. People united together to lift up the collapsed trees, advancing forward in overcoming the challenges. In the city of cold surroundings, the mustard seeds were scattered to places where their roots can grow.

Lastly, Rev. Liao Tai Yi, senior pastor of Bread of Life Christian Church in Kaohsiung, delivered the message "God Loves Taiwan". The message encouraged everyone to become the seed of Taiwan, to cultivate the land of Taiwan, so the seed of the gospel be planted and produce enduring fruits.