The Internet as a Tool for Ministry

( [email protected] ) Jan 02, 2004 11:53 AM EST

The Buckner Orphan Care reported that the online community provides a useful medium to register and deliver information to boost missions and ministry projects.

Because the BOC ministry has programs running in Botswana, Bulgaria, China, Guatemala, Kenya, Latvia, Romania and Russia among other nations, getting the word out about adoptions through Christian agencies has proven to be a challenge.

And since a majority of adoptive families do their research through the Internet, BOC also provides an extensive website to introduce their ministry.

"By providing a lot of our forms now online, by providing a correspondence orientation, it has really sort of broken down any barriers." She adds, " So, any family from any state is now able to work through Buckner to adopt internationally,” said BOC’s Mary Ann Hamby.

According to Hamby, the BOC team expresses a Christian worldview through the Internet, thereby providing a deeper faith experience to their viewers. Also, their ministry projects themselves acts as life changing experiences to the thousands who partake in it.

“There are so many steps in the process that require a tremendous amount of faith,” said Hamby. “To know that your case worker is praying with you through this, having an experience and a knowledgeable background, but also having the faith to help you take the steps that you need, is truly a blessing.”