Fallout 4 Release Date: Bethesda Confirms no Level Cap, Continues Play Even When Story Ends

( [email protected] ) Aug 07, 2015 11:49 AM EDT
Bethesda confirmed that Fallout 4 will not have level caps. The upcoming game will allow players to keep on playing and levelling even when the main story is over.
Bethesda confirms that Fallout 4 will not have level caps. Bethesda Softworks

For gamers who wish to spend many hours playing the much anticipated action RPG Fallout 4, today is their lucky day. Bethesda, the game's developer & publisher confirmed that players can keep on playing even when the campaign ends.

Those who have gone through the upcoming game's predecessor, Fallout 3, somehow felt disappointment when they finally completed the main story. The third iteration of the Fallout series had an ending wherein players had to reload a previously saved game prior to completing the final mission. Before being fixed by a later DLC, it was the only way to continue their adventure.

That is probably the reason why Bethesda decided not to replicate the feature on Fallout 4. The company took to Twitter and Facebook to announce that the soon-to-be-released open-world action RPG will have no level caps. Here are Bethesda's exact words:

"To our fans who've asked: Fallout 4 doesn't end when the main story is over and there is no level cap. You can keep playing and leveling."

This is a big move for Fallout 4 and a change that will make it distinct from other role-playing games. Most RPGs today come with maximum level caps that game developers choose to increase in phases by releasing downloadable contents (DLCs).

The new Fallout 4 title with this leveling system will also divergent from the series as a whole. For instance, in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, players were not allowed to continue their game after finishing the main quest line. As mentioned, they had to reload a save before the final missions if they wanted to complete missed side quests.

 PC gamers, however, are lucky to some extent because they can install mods that will allow them to keep continue playing past the campaign. For console gamers, the only way they could go on playing Fallout 3 beyond the campaign was to buy a particular DLC pack.

Video game fanatics who are familiar with Oblivion, Skyrim, or Morrowind wouldn't be surprised by this Fallout 4 announcement since those games already feature the said aspect. Those who'd like to see how level caps has changed over the course of the Fallout series, here is a quick round-up courtesy of the Fallout Wikia:

  •  Fallout: Level 21
  •  Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel: Level 99
  •  Fallout 3: 20 (30 with the Broken Steel add-on)
  •  Fallout: New Vegas: 30-50; each of the four add-ons raises the level cap by 5 levels

Apart from this fresh details, we already know that Fallout 4 will introduce new elements such as personalized power armor, a customizable settlement, and an expanded crafting system. The game is scheduled to be released on November 10 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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