Heroes of the Storm Release Date: Team League Mode Is Out, StarCraft 2's Terran Medic Coming to The Game

( [email protected] ) Aug 08, 2015 11:48 AM EDT
Blizzard has just confirmed that the Terran Medic, a character from StarCraft 2, will be included in the roster of Heroes of the Storm. Game director reveals the elimination of Team League mode.
Blizzard confirmed the addition of StarCraft 2's Terran Medic to Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment has just confirmed that another upcoming character will land on its popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Heroes of the Storm. This time, a Terran Medic from StarCraft 2 will be added to its roster.

Heroes of the Storm is a free-to-play MOBA game developed by Blizzard for the Windows PC and Mac. It was officially released in June and the developer has kept on sharing new updates along with other improvements and content since then.

Blizzard is obviously on fire; after revealing earlier this week that a new map and three new heroes are all coming to the game, it has also introduced the StarCraft 2 Medic via a post on its Battle.net site. A photo of the new character, pictured above, is also shared by the developer via its Twitter account.

The StarCraft 2 Medic, as we would expect from any game's medic class, is a support character who is expected to help the team through her single-target healing and by using her shield. We also know more about the new character because Dustin Browder, Heroes of the Storm's game director, has given an overview during a Blizzard conference at the recent Gamescom 2015. 

Aside from assisting allies, Browder shared that the Medic is also capable of throwing grenades to enemies. Furthermore, its Heroic ability involves summoning the Medivac dropship from StarCraft 2. The ship helps transport the Medic as well as other allies to another part of the battlefield.

Another update coming to Heroes of the Storm is the elimination of the Team League mode. This is because it has become apparent that players are having a hard time assembling the same teams every night. Most of them have chosen to stick with the Hero League mode instead.

Browder explained during Blizzard's Gamescom stint that changes will be implemented to the game's matchmaking system. As such, new players will be ranked more accurately after finishing 20 to 25 placement games. It can then be tweaked later on based on player feedback and performance.

As mentioned, apart from this StarCraft 2 support character Blizzard has confirmed the impending arrival of three new characters. They will be Kharazim the monk, the first-ever ranged warrior called Rexxar from Warcraft, and a StarCraft warrior named Artanis. The game studio mentioned that Kharazim as well as the Infernal Shrines map might be launched during the Heroes of the Storm Public Test Realm as soon as Monday, August 10.

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