'Star Wars: Battlefront' Release Date, News Update: New 'Supremacy' Mode Confirmed, Features Large Maps & Battlefield-Like Gameplay

( [email protected] ) Aug 14, 2015 02:41 PM EDT
EA and Dice has revealed that their upcoming Star Wars Battlefront shooter game will have a new mode called Supremacy. The new mode is a control-points mode similar to Battlefield's Conquest mode. It features the largest versions of the game's maps, hero/villain units, and vehicles.
EA reveals a new Star Wars Battlefront game mode called Supremacy. Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts and EA Dice has just revealed that their upcoming Star Wars Battlefront shooter game will have a new mode called Supremacy. As many can imagine, it is exactly what an all-out multiplayer mode would be. The new mode is basically a control-points mode that features the largest versions of the game's maps, hero/villain units, and vehicles.

Those who keep on saying that Star Wars Battlefront is eerily similar to EA's Battlefield, this news may give them another reason to say "I told you so." The game's new Supremacy mode indeed have some elements that resembles Battlefield's Conquest mode. However, EA & DICE have made crucial changes that makes the game more distinct.

Unveiled earlier today on the Star Wars Battlefront blog, the game's Supremacy maps will have five control points and teams will start off in possession of two apiece. The catch is that these control points should be captured in the required order, just like in Battlefield's Conquest.

From there, players must engage in a tug-of-war battle during a 10-minute duration. Given that the control points must be seized in order, it means only two points will be available at any given time-one for each team. This scheme will keep the majority of the gameplay on the frontlines, which translates to a near non-stop action.

Unlike Battlefield, there is no emphasis on draining respawn tickets. That means that whoever controls all five points, or holds the most at the end of 10 minutes, wins the round.

According to Star Wars Battlefront's Lead Level Designer Dennis Brännvall, "When you spawn into Supremacy, you don't have to move far to see a lot of friends - and enemies. You're thrown into a massive frontline, where your screen is filled with adversaries: infantry, Heroes, Walkers, and starfighters. You can prepare for very heavy and focused Star WarsTM action."

Moreover, the maps found in Supremacy are their biggest versions yet, in contrast to those described in other modes such as the team deathmatch mode called Blast. So for those gamers who enjoy larger maps that allow them to stretch their virtual legs, Supremacy is probably where they'll want to hang out as it's the mode where they will find the most room to run.

Star Wars Battlefront is already up for preorder now. Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC gamers can get it on videogame stores or purchase them online on November 17, 2015.

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