Christians in China Pray for the Opportunity to Share Gospel at Christmas

In the increasingly westernized China, Christmas is becoming one of the nation's major holidays. More importantly, Christians in China are eager to share the Gospel
( [email protected] ) Dec 25, 2005 03:52 AM EST

In the increasingly westernized China, Christmas is becoming one of the nation’s major holidays. More importantly, Christians in China are eager to take the opportunity to share the Gospel with many non-believers.

Many official churches in China open wide their doors to welcome people for Christmas services in major cities such as Shanghai, Zhejiang and Beijing, reports say.

According to a report from the Baptist Press (BP), Christmas brings countless opportunities all over China to announce the birth of the Savior. Especially on the Christmas Eve, churches have not just attracted the faithful, but also the curious.

An anonymous Christian believer in a major Chinese city wrote, as quoted by the senior writer with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board, "The Christmas season is upon us, a time where we have the opportunity to see a lot of exciting things."

"During this season, we are able to share the truth more openly than at other times of the year. We can host events with our friends, speak in classrooms and communicate the Gospel to many who have never heard before."

A group of believers in another Chinese city requested for prayers so that the opportunity to share Christ can be opened up, according to BP. They have launched a campaign in early December aiming to share the meaning of Christmas with 70,000 households through special parties, dinners or gatherings.

"Pray that these gatherings for the purpose of sharing the Gospel will also serve as the beginning of ongoing gatherings," a believer pleaded. "Pray that God will be glorified as at least 100 new multiplying churches are started this Christmas season."

The a special prayer ministry for China- made a similar prayer request on Wednesday: "During Christmas, many open churches have decorations or special programs which attract people to come in and attend service."

"Let us pray for healing and the finding of salvation in Christ in every church - a hospital for sinners."

According to a poll taken by Xinhua, the official Chinese government news agency, 90 percent of 2,000 people interviewed have special plans for celebrating Christmas. Among all holidays, Christmas is now ranked second only to the big Spring Festival for many Chinese.

In the majority atheist China, people tend to celebrate the season in a secular way, which has made huge business opportunities for retail stores and restaurants in big cities. Nevertheless, Xinhua reported that the holiday is still a religious one for China's Christian minority. On the Christmas Eve, large crowds were seen attending official church services.