The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 1 Spoilers, Air Date: Liz and Red on the Run From the Law

( [email protected] ) Sep 02, 2015 07:14 PM EDT
The Blacklist Season 3 release date has been confirmed for Thursday, October 1, and will air at 9/8c on NBC.
The Blacklist Season 3.

The Blacklist Season 3 release date has been confirmed for Thursday, October 1, and will air at 9/8c on NBC. Last week, episode 1 plot spoilers were revealed in the more recent promo:

As a word of warning, there will be Season 3 spoilers ahead. Those who have not seen every episode in that season are encouraged to stop reading.

Liz and Red on the Run from the Law

Season 4 starts immediately after events in the third season. Unfortunately, Liz's comrades-in-arms at the FBI including Agent Ressler will be hot on their heels.

In the previous season finale, Elizabeth "Liz" Keen guns down Attorney General Tom Connolly in a climactic scene. Though Connolly is proven to be the villain, The Bureau does not take too kindly to a government official being assassinated. That means Elizabeth will need to find a way to disguise herself.

The protagonist will start sporting attractive golden locks as shown in a scene where Liz asks Reddington about her hair. Red is left speechless.

For now, showrunners have not divulged much detail concerning what Red and Liz will do while hiding out from the authorities. Based on the promo, however, it seems the duo will still be active.

Will Elizabeth's Mother Appear in Season 4?

Last season, audience discovered that Elizabeth's real name is Masha, and that her mother is former KGB Agent Katarina Rostova. In a heart-wrenching flashback in Season 3, Liz shoots her father dead to stop him from attacking her mother.

Red has Elizabeth's memories wiped to protect her. Despite his efforts, Liz regains those memories as an adult. In a poignant scene, Liz shows appreciation by telling Red, "You were my sin eater." But, Red mournfully replies, "I tried to be."

The verdict is out regarding whether Katarina will be making an appearance in Season 4, though it would be an interesting addition to the character lineup.

Meanwhile, the Cabal remains an ever present threat even though Cooper's leadership has come to an ignominious end. This is evidenced by the appearance of Mr. Solomon, a Cabal 'cleaner' whose persona is both elegant but monstrously violent. The actor hired to play this role is actor Edi Gathegi, whose film appearances include X-Men: First Class.