Michael Schumacher Latest Health Condition Update, Ferrari FXX Bearing Schumacher's Signature Now on Sale

( [email protected] ) Sep 11, 2015 06:45 PM EDT
News concerning Michael Schumacher remains scarce amidst a media blackout that persists. Meanwhile, a car bearing his signature is going up for auction in Berlin, Germany.
Michael Schumacher Photo: Reuters

News concerning Michael Schumacher remains scarce amidst a media blackout that persists. His manager Sabine Kehm, who spoke last time to UK Express in May, insists that the F1 racing legend was "making progress." Since then, there have been no further health updates.

In late 2013, Schumacher sustained a grievous head injury after a skiing accident in the French Alps. He was immediately placed into coma to save his life.

Security has been especially tight following a bizarre incident while Schumacher was still in a coma. Apparently, a journalist disguised as a priest tried sneaking into the Grenoble hospital room where Schumacher was staying.

A year later the retired racecar driver emerged from his coma, but details of his actual condition were kept secret. In summer 2014, his medical records were stolen and put on sale. Investigators arrested a suspect, who was later found hanging in his cell prior to the scheduled court hearing. It is unclear whether more people were involved.

Schumacher was eventually moved to Switzerland, where he now resides. Privacy has also been maintained by a heavy security presence around his spacious mansion overlooking Lake Geneva. His wife Corinna and two children, Mick and Gina Marie, have largely avoided the spotlight.

Corinna has also gone on the offensive to protect her husband from media scrutiny. Earlier, she sought legal action against three German tabloids for allegedly misrepresenting the facts behind Michael's condition.

Currently, the former world champion is recovering in a custom clinic built on the grounds of his property. The facilities are staffed by a team of medical professionals whom have been sworn to secrecy via nondisclosure agreements.

Ferrari FXX Bearing Schumacher's Signature Now on Sale

A Ferrari FXX that has Schumacher's signature is now going up on auction, which is scheduled to be held September 26 in Berlin, Germany.

According to Motor Authority, the car will surprisingly sell for less than its original value despite the signature. The sporting vehicle was originally valued at $3 million. Current estimates peg the price of the item at $2.3 million.  

Dating back to 2006, an FXX comes with a V-12 engine that can generate 809 horsepower. The car bearing Schumacher's mark was owned by a collector since 2007.

Of interesting note, Schumacher himself owns an FXX 30/30 in black. This is reportedly the only one of its kind in the world.