Christian Ministry Providing Aid to Nepal as Country Struggles to Recover from Earthquake

Christian ministry says Nepal is still very much on the heart of God
A Nepalese man carries recovered belongings through the streets of Bhaktapur in the Kathmandu Valley, Reuters

Though the earthquake that cost over 9,000 people their lives this past spring in Nepal may be out of the mainstream news, at least one ministry is committed to making sure the nation recovers from this devastating disaster. Crisis Response International (CRí), a 501c3 Christian disaster relief and training organization is committed to supporting ongoing relief efforts and are putting out the call for responders to join them. CRí was one of the first ministries on the ground in the initial first responder phase and has announced this September, they will be continuing relief efforts.

"Although Nepal's recovery may be out of the mainstream news, we believe this nation is very much still on the heart of God," explained Sean Malone, Founder and Director of CRí. "Our first responder phase of work brought hope, healing and basic needs to thousands of displaced and homeless in Nepal. Now we are working to rebuild Nepal, one life and home at a time. We are putting out the call to join us and dozens of responders this fall as we send teams for rebuilding phase deployments," Malone continued.

Trained responders are being called on to deploy with Crisis Response International in bringing light and hope back into this nation and are calling on their network to assist in this deployment. "We believe God's heart is for whole nations to come to him. This is the inheritance promised to Jesus in Psalm 2, 'Ask of me, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, the ends of the earth as your possession,'" explained Malone.

As people are hurting and needing help get support from the ministry, many times they will open up about their other needs and the Gospel is presented clearly and effectively. You don't need to have a seminary degree to do the work of missions; just a willing spirit, a yes in your heart to Jesus and a few days to go through one of the ministry's intensive trainings.

"Disaster victims ask us why we are helping them. Why would you fly thousands of miles to serve a country not your own? That's our opportunity to share it's because of all Christ has done for us. It's our privilege and opportunity to be there. To hold their hands, pray for them, feed them and now begin rebuilding their homes. It's living the Gospel for the world to see. We're humbled and thankful to be able to go."

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