Unity Emphasized at the Largest Global Chinese Prayer Conference

The largest global Chinese prayer conference in Hong Kong was concluded, uniting over thousands of Chinese from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas.
( [email protected] ) Jun 03, 2006 02:00 PM EDT

The largest global Chinese prayer conference in Hong Kong was concluded, uniting over thousands of Chinese from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas.

Running from May 29 thru June 1, the theme of the prayer conference was "Prepare the Path for the Lord of Glory" held at the Wu Kai Sha Youth Village in New Territories. The unity among Chinese is being emphasized during the prayer meeting by head pastor of the Taipei Bread of Life Church, Rev Nathaniel Chow. Chow called participants to share the bread with another stranger at the Holy Communion as an act of unity, according to the Kingdom Revival Times (Hong Kong).

Chow continued with his message from the Book of Ephesians. There are three important steps in achieving unity, first is to become one in Christ following the arrangement of God; second is to keep the heart of unity given by the Holy Spirit and third is to become one in truth.

"Many churches have not recognized the priority, thus they refuse to unite with each other because of the differences in their experiences and explanations on the truth. They have overlooked the unity in Christ," lamented Chow, Kingdom Revival Times reported.

When Chow was asked whether he is an evangelical or a Pentecostal, he insisted that he belongs to conservative ecumenical. Chow urged everyone to have a wider heart, and most importantly, it is to keep the unity in Christ.

Before Holy Communion, Chow invited Chinese from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries to come on the stage to receive prayer of blessings from chairman of Jubilee Ministries Dr. Agnes Liu and pastor of Home of Christ Church from Taiwan Rev Shao An Kou. Dr. Liu especially prayed for the 7th Chinese Congress on World Evangelization (CCOWE) that will be held in July in Macau. Also, Rev. Kou prayed for the connection between the true believers in "Three-Self Church" and the house churches in China.

During the last lecture, George Annadorai from Singapore spoke on the theme "The Destiny of Chinese Christians". He pointed out that even many theologians suggested that the two hundred million mounted troops in Revelation 9: 16 referred to the Chinese army, it is not the truth because Chinese are not the enemies of God, Israel or church.

"It was the Chinese who first suggested to bring the Gospel back to Jerusalem, and to prepare the path for the God of glory. This is the destiny of Chinese believers, so Satan has killed many Chinese, just as what happened when the King of Japan killed Mainland Chinese and Chinese in Singapore," said Annadorai, quoted by the Kingdom Revival Times. Therefore, he encouraged all Chinese to unite together as they will bring prosperity for the places that they go.

Approaching the end of the meeting, Chow announced the five key points for the prayer conference drafted by Rev Lydia Wong, Dr Agnes Liu and others:

1. Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States must unite together, so that they can lay down themselves and fulfill the commission of Chinese.

2. To understand the heart of God for Israel and Ishmael, to offer prayers and to prepare the way for the glorified Lord.

3. To understand the importance of praying day and night because prayer is the foundation of unity and revival. To set up the temple of prayer is most important.

4. The Church in China must purify itself and to recover the first love, so as to prepare itself to be the bridegroom for the coming Lord.

5. The huge wave of the Holy Spirit has come to Asia. The Church in China must revive and start to contribute, so that it can receive the power of the Holy Spirit and bless all churches worldwide.