'X-Factor' 2015: Anton Stephans Voted Out, Lauren Murray Pushes Out One of The 4th Impact Member

( [email protected] ) Nov 23, 2015 12:00 AM EST
'X-Factor' UK 2015 latest elimination result: Anton Stephans was voted out after "sing-off" with Che Chesterman.

"X-Factor" UK 2015 latest elimination week result: Anton Stephans and Che Chesterman were in the bottom two. In the "sing-off," Stephans sang the Bonnie Rait classic "I Can't Make You Love Me," while Chesterman sang a soulful rendition of Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You." Both gave their best to please judges, however, the final votes of contestant who will exit the competition was given to Stephans.

On previous report of IB Times, the contestants who were in the bottom three were Mason Noise, Anton Stephans and 4th Impact. During this elimination week, Noise was the one who was eliminated. Although Stephans was safe that week, there's a clash between him and "X-Factor" UK judge Nick Grimshaw.

Stephans' performance in week three was accused for being fake by one of the judges. Grimshaw said, "I just wasn't feeling that," he said. "That wasn't the best track for you. It's a very emotional song and it felt cold. It seemed fake," he added.

Anton was emotional when he replied to Grimshaw's comment. "'Excuse me, but this is all real. The set and the outfit might be fake, but I am real," Stephans said.

"That's fine, but I didn't say you were fake - I said I wasn't feeling it. There's no need to be aggressive," said Nick, and his voice sounds disgruntled that time.

Meanwhile, aside from Stephans' departure from "X-Factor," one of the moments that viewers notice on week four elimination is when one of the "4th Impact" member attempt to hug Lauren Murray. Apparently, Murray was caught on camera pushing out one of the girls who attempt to hug her.

It is not clear if Murray really attempted to push the arm of one of CherylFernandez-Versini's four pocket rockets. According to Metro UK, the girls were so happy that time as they got through the elimination, and they offered hug to other contestants who were safe from being eliminated.

The short clip has been abuzz online, and fans of the Filipino girl band, and other viewers have shared their thoughts about Murray's behavior.

"Am I the only one that saw Lauren push one of the little 4th impact girls out the way? #XFactor" Elizabeth Nixon wrote on Twitter.

"#XFactor did Lauren just push one of the 4th impact girls when they wanted to hug her ... #abitharsh" Tiffany Tat said on Twitter.

"Very ignorant of Lauren Murray to push the girl away from 4th impact when they got through .. She only wanted a hug #XFactor," LisaB wrote.

Although 4th Impact received criticism from Simon Cowell, however, they were saved from elimination because they have a huge fanbase according to Telegraph UK.

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