Tekken 7 Release Date and Characters for Xbox One, PS4

( [email protected] ) Dec 01, 2015 12:33 PM EST
Here is a roundup of "Tekken 7" new updates.
'Tekken 7's' roster of players. Facebook/Tekken 7

There is no doubt that fans of the renowned video game "Tekken" could not wait to for the seventh installment. Here is a roundup of the latest rumors on "Tekken 7" PS4 Xbox One release. 

While there is nothing definite yet, there have already been some teasers here and there with regard the release date of "Tekken 7." There were even some speculations on the upcoming title for this final game in the series. It seems that fans just could wait to get their hands to this new game and their excitement are evident. 

One important rumor on this seventh installment is that "Bob" would be joining the cast. The producer of "Tekken 7" himself tweeted this news. "Awesome again and again!!!" he tweeted. This was quickly followed by a statement in Japanese, which can be translated into "Bob now! I'm too terrible, but this person is what aims to what! (Lol) well I'm supposed to begin doing stunts or other aims should be too!"

If the rumors are true, and Bob joins in the fray, the report claims that fans can certainly expect a lot from this character.  The report claimed that he will not start out as strong. Because he was yet to defeat anyone that is bigger than him, Bob will find himself in the mission to gain weight and increase his strength, while maintaining his speed and agility. He will be able to do all these and as a result, defeat all his opponents on the sixth "King of Iron Fist Tournament" one by one. 

However, with his newfound fame after defeating his opponents, he would start losing weight again. Slim Bob would still be able to fight but not at the speed and strength he wants.

A new Crossmap report also claimed that there would be eight new characters joining the 20 default playable fighters. These characters came from various parts of the world -- Brazil, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and the Philippines. Fans can naturally expect these characters to be using the moves common in their countries. As this is Tekken, there naturally would be humanoid and robots as new characters to bring the thrill of the game a notch higher. The game would also depict Kazumi Mishima, who is the wife of Heihachi and mother of Kazuya. Mishima is one of the characters crucial for the development of "Tekken 7's" storyline.

Meanwhile, there are also rumors that "Tekken 7" will be out soon even though there is no definite date yet.  The tentative date is on 2016.

According to Bandai Namco Community Manager Gaetan Giremen, fans would certainly be excited to know that this installment would be "dark." "In addition to the great graphics, as demonstrated in this awesome announcement trailer, many new characters will join the fight," he said. 

Tekken 7 is set to have versions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR Support, and even Xbox One. 

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