Survivor Cambodia Season 32 Release Date, Sneak Peek; Season 31 Finale Recap: Winner of 'Lie, Cheat, and Steal'

( [email protected] ) Dec 18, 2015 01:03 AM EST
Wednesday night's 3 hour season finale of Survivor: Cambodia aired live from Los Angeles.  For those not aware, this season's contestants were fan-picked from previous episodes and given another chance to “Outwit, outplay, and outlast.” Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor's 31 seasons(soon to be 32nd), opened the show, and told the audience that they chose this cast, so they have no one to blame but themselves.  Who is the winner of Season 31, and what lies in store for Season 32?
Survivor Cambodia Season 31 Final 3 Contestants

Wednesday night's 3-hour season finale of Survivor: Cambodia aired live from Los Angeles. For those not aware, this season's contestants were fan-picked from previous seasons, and given another chance to "Outwit, outplay, and outlast." Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor's 31 seasons (soon to be 32nd), opened the show, and told the audience that they chose this cast, so they have no one to blame but themselves.

The first part of the final episode starts with the usual recap of the season. This all leads us to where we are starting out- with the final six contestants-Jeremy, Tasha, Keith, Wentworth, Kimmi and Spencer. At camp, Keith is upset about Abi being voted off at the last Tribal Council. He wanted to take her to the Final 3, and expected everyone would do the same. Spencer stated that was the reason he voted her off. Kimmi takes this as her cue to try to convince Kelley, who is on the bottom with Keith, to vote Spencer or Jeremy out.

They head to the immunity challenge- where they have to place puzzle steps from bottom to top to build a very tall staircase. At the top of the staircase awaits a 3D slide puzzle. Spencer, who is really good with puzzles, is leading from the beginning and comes out as the first to finish, so he wins immunity.

At Tribal Council, although Jeremy says there were alliances, there seemed to be a lot of confusion over those alliances. Since everyone is confused, Kelley and Jeremy play their idols, and for the first time in Survivor history, all the votes were thrown out, and everyone had to vote again, and this time, only for Kimmi, Keith or Tasha. The 2nd vote tied between Kimmi and Tasha. No one will change their votes, so Jeff tell them that Spencer, Jeremy, Kelley and Keith have to unanimously decide to send Kimmi or Tasha home. If they can't do that, Kimmi and Tasha are safe and Keith would go home by default. Spencer and Jeremy aren't going to budge. Keith volunteers to be the one to leave over Kimmi, but Kelley said that it had to be Kimmi. Kimmi is voted off!

Another Immunity Challenge happens the next day. They have to race through a huge obstacle course, go to six stations, and collect six bags of puzzle pieces. Immunity goes to the one who puts together all the puzzle pieces. Kelley wins this challenge- good for her, since she would probably be the next to go.

Keith is worried about this, because he knows he will be the next one, but Kelley comes up with a plan to create a fake idol to give to Keith. Jeremy notices that Keith may have an idol, and whispers to Keith that they should get Spencer out. Everyone at Tribal Council talks about it being straight forward, but Keith said there may be some tricks to be played. He fails to bring out the fake idol, though, and Keith ends up being voted out- three to two.

The next day's immunity challenge was the one where a ball is dropped into a spiral maze, and they have to catch it one-handed and placing it back in. The challenge gets progressively harder with more balls added, and they come out different gates. Jeremy wins this challenge- for his very first challenge, and is overcome by emotions.

At Tribal Council, Jeremy has to decide who would be the best to take with him to the Final 3- someone that wouldn't have a chance at beating him. Spencer assures him that he will make sure Kelley wins if he ends up on the jury. Apparently, Jeremy believes him, because all the votes go to sending Kelley to the jury.

Spencer, Jeremy and Tasha are the final 3. Back at camp, they get a scale and a mirror to observe the effects of 39 days on the island. They eat the big breakfast before going to Final Tribal where the jury asked all kinds of questions. The final question by Wentworth asked the 3 about their second chance story. Jeremy revealed that his wife is having a baby, and it's probably a safe bet that sealed the deal. Everyone puts their votes in, Jeff grabs the results, and walks off the Cambodia scene into the L.A. studio audience. He reads off the votes, and Jeremy wins with unanimous voting!

Season 32 of Survivor has already been filmed PRIOR to Season 31- for the first time they will be doing these out of sequential order. The contestants will have a long wait to see who gets the final votes, as they watch their season begin next year. Season 32 was filmed in Kaoh Rong(Cambodia), and will be another season splitting brains, brawn and beauty into different teams. No contestants from previous seasons, but there will be a former contestant from Big Brother, and also a former NBA player- Scot Pollard. The preview shows a lot of medical emergencies happening, and Reality Blurred  confirmed there were three people medically evacuated during this filming.

Stream full episodes of Survivor on the CBS website, and watch Ponderosa- which goes beyond the weekly Tribal Councils and follows the eliminated contestants who are part of the jury. Here's the preview of Season 32: