Married at First Sight Season 3 Episode 7 'Intimacy Pt.1': Recap Spoilers And Predictions

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Two and a half weeks into the"Married at First Sight" marriages of this season's three couples, and we're back to find out if any head-way has been made into the intimacy of the six newlyweds. What kind of predictions can be made from Tuesday night's episode.  Let's discuss!
Married at First Sight Season 3 participants: Vanessa Nelson, Neil Bowlus,
Ashley Doherty, David Norton, Samantha Role and Tres Russell FYI

Two and a half weeks into the Married at First Sight marriages of this season's three couples, and we're back to find out if any head-way has been made into the intimacy of the six newlyweds. What kind of predictions can be made from Tuesday night's episode?  Let's discuss! 

Tres and Vanessa

Married two and a half weeks, Tres and Vanessa meet for lunch. Vanessa gets frustrated that Tres accepts a work call on their date and that they don't have a lot of time together, but she gets that he has to work to keep his job. She doesn't vocally express her frustration, but Tres can tell that she is not happy with him taking the call.

Dr. Levkoff(the sexuality and relationship expert) pays a visit to Vanessa and talks about intimacy and communication. The couple doesn't share a bathroom, but Dr. Levkoff says that something as small as brushing your teeth together can lead to intimacy strengthening.

The biggest issue for them in their relationship overall is coming to their own conclusions about each other without communicating. She gives them an assignment of drawing questions out of a fishbowl to increase their communication and "build emotional intimacy and trust and closeness."

Later, the two are discussing sharing the bathroom as a married couple and joking about Vanessa passing gas in her sleep.

Their intimacy seems totally secure.

Neil and Sam

Date night. Neil brings her flowers and cooks for them on the BBQ. "Upward projectory" is seen by Sam. She admits to the camera that she was not attracted to Neil at first, but that attraction grows over time. She is becoming accepting of him as who he is.

Dr. Levkoff also visits Sam and Neil. She talks with Neil about what their differences are, and what his needs are- having a best friend, and someone who would give 50/50 in their relationship. However, weeks into the marriage, he isn't sure that Sam knows what his needs are. Dr. Levkoff thinks Sam needs to not get so wrapped up on what things are supposed to be like, and that Neil needs to let his voice be heard and not let Sam steamroll over him. They get the fishbowl of questions, and they are more awkward about asking the questions of each other, but they do seem to be making the attempt to communicate.

Sam and David talk more the next day, and they actually start to talk about their feelings and Sam compliments David on communicating his feelings. Things are looking a little more positive in this marriage.

By the end of the episode, they are stating that they are "finally getting into the vibe of being a married couple." They want out of their current house, saying it's old and creepy, though, and decide to live at Sam's old place until they find a new one. Not ideal for David, but he's willing to compromise.

Ashley and David

David cooks for her since she has been taking finals. Need to work on their communication. Expert "Ashley hasn't found a way to be both kind and honest." David is working really hard to cook a meal when he isn't comfortable with cooking in the kitchen. Poor David is stuck waiting around as she is late getting home, but they end up having a pleasant night. Ashley compliments him on his cooking(even though it needed to be reheated in the microwave, and Ashley even brought him home a cupcake.

Dr. Levkoff is concerned that David is losing his positivity. She talks to Ashley about her feelings about not being attracted to David, and how she's not working on little acts of intimacy like hand-holding. They discuss the problems of not talking about the tough topics because they don't want to hurt each other's feelings.

They also get a fishbowl of questions from the Dr. Levkoff, but Ashley doesn't feel comfortable about answering the intimate questions., while David makes light of the questions, trying to break the ice. They make it through the list of questions with Ashley not wanting to answer ANY of them- once again, leaving David frustrated that she is not making any attempt to bond together with him. Later, David and Ashley go out and get fish to put in the fishbowl- almost as a symbol that David attempts to understand her feelings and uncomfortability with intimacy.

They go on a date at the Ferris wheel downtown. David is really nervous, but he mentions that he enjoyed making Ashley laugh. He had his arm around her and made an attempt to kiss her as they were about to get off, and only manages a peck on the cheek. He sees the total lack of intimacy as a downfall.

Next week

The preview for next week shows each couple's relationship having some sort of problem, although Vanessa and Tres' problem seems to be shoe-horned in, as I think it has been in the past. They have to put some kind of drama in, right?


We are about half-way the season, and it's time to make some predictions. Many of the viewers out there agree that Vanessa and Tres can last. They appear to be the most stable and intimate of the couples, and it just seems like their relationship is natural. I don't see the two other marriages lasting, but that may change. While there seems to be little glimmers of hope, there does not appear to be enough to get David and Ashley to make it at all.

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