GoPro Hero 5 Release Date and Specs Update: Significant Upgrades From Hero 4 but Launch Date Delayed

( [email protected] ) Jan 26, 2016 11:34 AM EST
GoPro Hero 5 is not going to be released until October. While this is a disappointing news among fans, the company is said to have a a very legitimate reason for the delay.

GoPro Hero 5 is not going to be released until October. While this is a disappointing news for fans, the company is said to have a very legitimate reason for the delay. 

Recently, rumors have it that GoPro is not doing well financially, considering how the company's stocks are doing. Many speculate this is the reason the company is delaying the launch of Hero 5. According to Value Walk, however, this cannot be the case. The prices are indeed down by 75% compared to last year, worrying its investors. However, its earnings are doing fine, and the company has at least $500 million in cash and no payables. The company is doing well, despite what its stock prices are saying, the site reported. Instead, one reason the launch is being postponed is because the company is currently prioritizing the launching of its first drone, the Karma. At the same time, the company is said to be delaying the launch to make sure the Hero 5 is surely going to wow with its amazing features. 

Day Herald reports that the company may be currently adding more features. Its predecessor, Hero 4 also failed to meet sales expectations because it was poorly priced. The company wants to make sure Hero 5 does as well as possible. Hero 5 is said to have 8k video recording resolution. Compared to the Hero 4 Black, which records only at 4k resolution, this can potentially be a huge selling point. Also, there are speculations that Hero 5 will be able to shoot at as deep as 60 meters, which is triple to what Hero 4 can do. GoPro Hero 5 may also have the ability to shoot at 60 frames per second while Hero 4 can only shoot at 30 frames per second. 

Youth Health Mag reports that all these great features will be packed in a smaller body, so that it can be attached easily to the Karma drone. All these new specs might excite fans. It remains to be seen if the excitement can be sustained until October though. Moreover, there are some speculations that because of these heavier and better features, the device's battery life and noise management capacity will suffer. In the coming weeks, it is worth knowing what the battery capacity of the camera will be. 

The GoPro Hero 5's price might range from $450 to $550. It may be announced at the Consumer Electronic Show 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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