Married at First Sight Season 3 Episode 9- Making Memories; Recap and Spoilers

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Four weeks in to the marriages of these three couples who didn't know each other before their wedding day.  Two weeks before they make the decision of whether or not to continue in their marriages. Only one of the three couples are intimate in any way.  What will they learn about each other this week?

Four weeks into the marriages of these three couples who didn't know each other before their wedding day.  Two weeks before they make the decision of whether or not to continue in their marriages. Only one of the three couples is intimate in any way.  What will they learn about each other this week?  

Neil and Sam

Still living apart, Charlie, Neil's neighbor, talks with Neil about the relationship he has with Sam. Sam talks with a mother about their relationship. Her mom tells her, "You don't have to approve of anything, but you have to learn to accept it." Sam says that she needs to take it day by day. Neil doesn't feel any growth in the attraction.

They work on homework that they were given by Dr. Cilona last time- to work on deeper connection, they are to touch hands and knees and have eye contact until the timer runs out. Sam makes weird faces, and she's not taking it seriously, which frustrates Neil. He wants someone to take him seriously.

Greg Epstein, the spirituality expert, comes to visit them. They talk about everyone having a selfish side, and how they need to be able to meet in the middle when they are looking for a place.

Greg says, "When it comes to marriage- religion, spirituality and values are incredibly important parts of what it takes to make love last." He encourages Neil to learn more about Jewish culture to be able to relate more to Sam.

The two cook a Jewish meal together of matzo ball soup and latkes, and Neil enjoys the bond they are building.They are both hopeful about the future, and this connection. As they eat, they open up more to each other about their lives. This makes Sam realize that they are more of a "unit" now.

Tres and Vanessa take their dog to get trained. Through this time, Tres sees the mother that Vanessa would be- the nurturing kind- even though he recognizes that they shouldn't rush into having kids right away. Vanessa can see herself co-parenting with Tres.

Tres and Vanessa have the assignment to hold hands and tell each other what they like about each other. They hold hands "Oprah-style," with palms touching and fingers interlocked, because that's how she connects with people. Their conversation goes well. They seem really into their marriage.

Visiting with Greg, they talk about spirituality. Tres says that he prays every day and asks God to bless their marriage. Greg also encourages them to learn something culturally about each other. He leaves them with a homework assignment of looking through their wedding pictures, and also to think of ways to make more memories together and to document them, too.

The go to a "sip and stroke" where they drink wine and paint on a canvas together. So romantic. They end the night with a call to Tres' grandma(Mimi), and Vanessa mishears her when she asked if this would be a lasting relationship and answered "no." They all got a laugh.

David and Ashley

David was more hurt that someone else(Dr. Cilona) had to tell him that Ashley felt that David didn't match the type that she is physically attracted to. Ashley tries to explain that she didn't want to tell him because she didn't want to hurt him. David gives his commitment to work on this marriage, and says that he didn't sign up to be on "Best Friends at First Sight." He really wanted the marriage.

They work on almost the same exercise given to Neil and Sam, but they are actually answering questions on what they like about each other. When it's Ashley's turn, she seems to struggle to find something nice to say to David. Ashley can't even touch knees with him the whole time.

David suggests that they write down things that they want to express to each other. Ashley writes, "I want myself to want to keep on working on our challenges, but I'm exhausted." David wants to push her more because he feels like she's not trying hard enough. "Are you waiting for the clock to wind down?" he asks. She responds that she can't answer that right now, but feels that the cards are stacked against them.

She's just not that into you, man!

But David still cares about her and wants to make this work. One has to admire his perseverance.

Greg visits them, too. He says, "All couples, no matter how attracted they are to each other, go through periods where they don't feel attracted to each other, but they have to weather those storms if they want lasting love."

Greg wants them to have a variety of experiences to relate to each other to connect better to one another. He gives them their wedding album and hopes that they will connect with one another in a new way with positive reinforcement of how great they looked in their wedding photos.

When they look at their wedding photos, they joke together about their awkward photos and even point out the ones that they like. It does bring them a little closer as they get some laughs in the more serious times they have been facing.They also enjoy some time playing kickball. Ashley says that if they can have fun and not overthink things then maybe they can get to a good place.

Next Week

Neil enjoys the side of Sam he is seeing, that shows she can have fun as they play on the flying silks. Vanessa says she wants Tres to get into "more of a husband mentality," and Tres doesn't seem to respond well to that. Ashley says that she got a message saying that David had asked a girl out for drinks.

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